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Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter
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Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone

Domestic violence occurs within a family or an intimate relationship as a way for one person to control another. Most victims of domestic violence are women, although men can be battered too. It includes physical abuse, not allowing someone to leave home or using objects like knives and guns to cause injury. It also includes harming someone emotionally by threats, name-calling and put-downs.

Domestic violence spares no one, especially children who hear and witness it or are targets. Living in a home where one parent uses violence against the other places children at risk for emotional and behavioral problems. They may feel confused, wet the bed, be unable to sleep, have trouble in school or blame themselves for the violence.

If something about your relationship scares you or you are worried about your children and you need to talk, you can get help by
calling the (316) 263-6000 Hotline.

If you are abusing your family or loved one, you should know that domestic violence is a crime and that you could lose your children, friends, home and job if it doesn’t stop. Did you know that boys who witness the abuse of their mothers may be at greater risk for becoming men who batter in adulthood than boys from homes free of violence? There is no excuse for your behavior.

If you are abusing your loved ones, it is important to get information about how you can get help for your behavior by also calling the (316) 263-6000 Hotline.


About Us

Harbor House at Catholic Charities exists to help break the cycle of violence against women and their children by providing them a safe place to stay and support services including women’s and children’s counseling, housing referrals, parenting, domestic violence education, budgeting and other life skill classes, assistance with employment and educational opportunities and referrals to community resources.  Harbor House utilizes outreach advocacy services to guide victims of abuse through the judicial, medical and DCF systems.  Through shelter, support and compassion, Harbor House works with women and their children to help them realize a life free from abuse and envision a future filled with promise and hope.

PO Box 3759
Wichita, KS 67201
In Wichita: (316) 263-6000
Toll Free: 1 (866) 899-5522
Fax: (316) 263-8347
Email: Joyce Mahoney, Program Director


Shelter, Support, Compassion
Since 1992, Catholic Charities Harbor House has provided shelter, outreach, support and compassion to victims of family violence. The shelter is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with caring, trained people who meet the emotional and physical needs of the women and children in crisis who call the shelter for assistance.

Harbor House is an active participant in the Wichita/Sedgwick County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition and works with many community partners to focus on prevention efforts. Approximately five years ago, the first formal prevention efforts were started in the Wichita area. Today, this work has grown to reach more than 30 local schools to support teens as they define cultures of respect in their schools and community. Choose Respect was adopted as the local campaign name and in November 2008, Catholic Charities received a $1 million grant to expand this work. This extended prevention effort is called Start Strong Wichita, Building on Choose Respect and it is part of the national Start Strong, Building Healthy Teen Relationships effort funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Learn more startstrongwichita.org.

Preparing for an independent, violence-free life

  • Safe and Confidential Shelter
  • Safety/Security
  • Private rooms for mothers with children
  • Supportive, Christian atmosphere

All services are free for clients

  • 24-hour hotline
  • Connection to vital needs (i.e. job training, medical care and day care)
  • Counseling, support groups and educational courses (i.e. parenting and budgeting)
  • Children’s programs
  • Case management (job searches and training, housing and support in court)
  • Transportation assistance
  • Outreach services including court advocacy and domestic violence advocate located at SRS
  • Economic Advocacy

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