National study associates understanding of the faith with frequency of Mass

Infrequent Mass-goers don’t understand that the bread and wine consecrated at Mass become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ A national study that revealed ignorance by Catholics about the… Read More

New stewardship poster unveiled

This year’s stewardship poster for the Diocese of Wichita features an image of the Holy Spirit hovering above the apostles and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Upper Room. Last… Read More

Red Mass Sept. 12 honors those in legal profession

  Lawyers, judges, and others in the legal profession gathered Thursday, Sept. 12, to worship the Supreme Law Giver during a Red Mass in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception… Read More

Hundreds attend Religious Freedom Symposium

  About 450 people attended a Religious Freedom Symposium Wednesday evening, Sept. 11, at Wichita State University’s Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex. A panel of experts and religious leaders made… Read More

St. Patrick, Wichita, students learning judo

Martial arts class also focuses on faith and on discipline Greg Gideon, above, and Carlos Beltran, left, teach judo to students of St. Patrick Catholic School in Wichita. They and… Read More

St. Patrick Church, Wichita, renovations nearly complete

Father Eric Weldon started it, Father Jerome Spexarth continued it, and Father James Weldon, Father Eric’s brother, completed it. As a result, Mass has been celebrated in a newly-renovated St.… Read More

Video crew interviews Bishop Kemme

  The drone seemed out of place as it hovered and flitted around the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Wednesday, Aug. 28. But the subsequent video it will provide will… Read More

Bishop celebrates opening Mass at St. Joseph House of Formation

    Bishop Carl A. Kemme told the 21 college seminarians scattered around the front of St. Joseph Church in Wichita Thursday, Aug. 22, that two years ago, while celebrating… Read More

Shining a light on evangelization

Two parishes in the Diocese of Wichita have begun taking action on Bishop Carl A. Kemme’s pastoral priority: “Formation in Evangelization in order to Preach the Gospel to all People.”… Read More

A Sistine education

Father Matt McGinness, pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Wichita, spends a few moments with art historian Elizabeth Lev Tuesday, Aug. 13, before her lecture to a large crowd… Read More

Thousands attend Midwest Catholic Family Conference

  Bishop Carl A. Kemme reminded the thousands attending the final Mass at the Midwest Catholic Family Conference about the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, sloth, and… Read More

Our Lady of Wichita at the SLC

Mark Miller has dabbled in religious art since graduating from Wichita State University years ago with a degree in art education. But it wasn’t until about eight years ago, during… Read More