Artist’s hands busy with the Lord’s work

If “idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” as Proverbs states, Chet Hockman’s workshop is nowhere close. Two of his recent painted relief carvings – one of the Cathedral’s Immaculate Conception… Read More

Metal voices ready to call faithful to Mass

  St. Catherine of Siena’s bells will soon command the attention of the neighborhood. The new church’s twin towers already dominate the landscape of northwest Wichita. “Bells have one function,… Read More

St. Rose in Mt. Vernon to break ground Aug. 2

    There are two reasons parishioners of St. Rose in Mt. Vernon are building a new church: the current structure is too small and it’s falling apart. Father Dan… Read More

Married couples are called to live the truth and beauty of God’s plan for married love

National NFP Week July 19-25 Want to bring NFP into your marriage? It’s never too late to introduce NFP into a marriage. Visit the Office of Marriage and Family Life’s… Read More

New principals preparing for the fall

Bishop Carl A. Kemme asked the new Catholic school principals to think beyond the idea of maintaining Catholic education. “If that’s all we’re going to continue to do, we’ll lose… Read More

Seminarians feeding ‘Jesus’ at the Diner

One reason Grant Huslig is considering becoming a priest is because of the delight of priestly work that radiated from the chaplains of St. Isidore Catholic Student Center in Manhattan.… Read More

Bishop Kemme: We truly receive the body and blood of Christ at Mass

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am writing these words on the weekend in which we have just celebrated the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ or, as it… Read More

Bishop Kemme asks for peace, justice

Bishop Carl A. Kemme asked for prayer and forgiveness at a Mass for peace and justice Tuesday, June 9, at Holy Savior Church in Wichita. The Mass was celebrated the… Read More

Sr. John Patrick makes perpetual profession

Bishop Carl A. Kemme reminded those attending the Mass of Perpetual Profession and Consecration for Sister John Patrick of the Trinity that the Latin term “per omnia secula seculorum,” or… Read More

Father Sawyer’s going back to the seminary

Father Benjamin Sawyer spent four years studying for the priesthood in major seminary and two years studying for a licentiate in dogmatic theology. But his tenure as pastor of Christ… Read More

Three ordained priests

    Bishop Carl A. Kemme told the three men standing before him that from that day on – until their last breath – they would be called “Father.” “The… Read More

Five ordained to the diaconate

    Bishop Carl A. Kemme said he and the other priests at the ordination to the diaconate Thursday, May 21, at the Church of the Magdalen were once like… Read More