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Congratulations on opening your heart to the journey of discernment. I am grateful you are
willing to consider the possibility that our gracious God could be inviting you to religious life.

Rest assured, our Heavenly Father wants your good.

Discernment of the Religious Life

Here in the Vocations Office, unfortunately, we are limited in the assistance we can offer young women discerning religious life. Why is that, you might ask. It is not for disinterest. There are two principle reasons. First, the religious orders are all independent entities. Each has its own application process, requirements and formation expectations.  It would be ill-informed for me to speak on their behalf, so out of respect and caution, I must leave it to them. Below you'll find a listing of all religious orders serving in our diocese. Second, the discernment process for a woman can be significantly different from that of a man. There are often different sacrifices, different joys and perhaps even different signs along the way. Having never traveled that path, I’m less equipped to help a young woman navigate its channels.

What can we do? I am always happy to speak with any young woman or man discerning a vocation. Acknowledging there are differences in discernment, there are also general similarities. Things like prayer and discernment of spirits are applicable to all Christians and especially important in discernment. In the office we also have some resources we would be glad to pass on to you. In addition to general works on prayer, we have a few specific resources that we are able to give out and may be helpful to you.

- Father Chad Arnold

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