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If you have been sexually abused as a minor, by Church personnel, we are deeply saddened and sorry for the pain and suffering you may have experienced. To make a report of this abuse, please contact law enforcement or the Department for Children and Families (1-800-922-5330).

By clicking the button below, you will be given contact information for the Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator. This individual will assist with making a report to the diocese and share pastoral care that may be available.

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Protection of Youth

The Safe Environment Office oversees background verifications of priests, seminarians, and chancery employees, and acts as a resource for parishes and institutions regarding background verifications. We coordinate and maintain the VIRTUS online program, assist with VIRTUS training, and are a resource for parish Safe Environment Coordinators and VIRTUS Facilitators. We oversee Parish Safe Environment Reviews and act as a resource for parishes regarding compliance with the Policy on Suspected Abuse of Children and the Diocesan Safe Environment Policy. We are committed to and fully support the mandates outlined in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (USCCB 2018).

Our diocese, with the direction and support of Bishop Carl A. Kemme, has developed programs to create a safe environment for children. All priests and staff, as well as all volunteers who have regular contact with children, are required to comply with these programs.

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Safe Environment Coordinators

Policies, complaint forms, opt-out letters, newsletters and more.

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Documents, forms and resources for coordinators. Password required to access documents.

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April | Child Abuse Prevention Month

Together, we can ensure that all children are safe from sexual abuse and can provide assistance and support to victims who are on the path to healing.

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