FOCUS missionaries looking to evangelize WSU

The five FOCUS missionaries who will be serving at St. Paul University Parish at Wichita State University are, from left, Peyton Edwards of Lincoln, Nebraska; Kaylor Nordhus of Wichita; Tyler Weber of Grainfield, Kansas; Emily Sweat of Overland Park; and Ryan Haskell of Madison, Nebraska. Fr. Drew Hoffman is pastor. (Advance photo)

Five missionaries will be strolling the sidewalks of Wichita State University with bibles in hand this school year.

Fr. Drew Hoffman is grateful they are giving “a portion of their 20s” to spread the Good News to students “in serious need to hear it.”

“Our young people, just like everyone, are desiring community, to know that somebody cares for them, to know that the Lord and people in their lives care for them. Our FOCUS missionaries give of their entire selves so that young college kids know somebody cares about them.”

Fr. Hoffman, pastor of the St. University Parish at WSU, said last week the Fellowship of Catholic University Students missionaries will be encountering students on campus, hosting Bible studies, and working one-on-one or one-on-two with the college students providing formation and evangelization training.

“They are a vital part of what we’re doing in evangelization at St. Paul’s,” he said “Our new crop is wonderful, they’re energized.”

All five of this year’s WSU missionaries are from the Midwest and come from great Catholic student centers, Fr. Hoffman said. “They understand our particular experience and needs, and I truly think they’re setting this town on fire.”

Here are statements the five missionaries gave about why they are on campus.

Peyton Edwards of Lincoln, Nebraska

“I am a FOCUS missionary because I like to help college students create the best lives possible and that all starts with Jesus Christ at the center.”

Emily Sweat of Overland Park, Kansas

“I’m doing this because I believe that there’s more to life than just the basic work in school and the day-to-day grind. I think that there’s a deeper purpose and a deeper meaning and I want to help college students find that and find that joy that I found.”

Ryan Haskell of Madison, Nebraska

“I am a FOCUS missionary because I believe we are all made for relationship. So I love to dive into relationship with students so that they can dive into a relationship with Christ.”

Kaylor Nordhus of Wichita

“I’m a missionary because I want to awaken people to their humanity and present the Catholic faith in a way that’s beautiful – by leading a beautiful life.”

Tyler Weber of Grainfield, Kansas

“I am here because the gospel should take people’s breath away, and it’s not being proclaimed in a compelling way.”