Diving into fun – annual camp changes venue but joy remains

Camper Lily Anderson is comforted by a volunteer. (Advance photo)

This year’s Holy Family Camp was new, even for the veteran campers.

Kris Decker, the camp coordinator, said the campers and volunteers were excited last week about the new campsite, Eberly Farm, located in northwest Wichita.

“With that comes lots of curiosity and exploration,” she said, “so we have to be aware at all times where everybody is. But it’s been great – especially for June with all the heat to have a lot of shade in this location.”

Every Holy Family Camp for the last four years has been different because of the effects of the pandemic, Decker said.

“We’ve just been trying to adjust to having a day camp and having to make some changes because of the lack of volunteers. Even though the camp is three days long, the campers are attending two days,” she said.

Everyone was flexible

“So we’ve got different groups coming in at different times. Keeping that straight has added a little curve to it, but everybody’s flexible, The camp keeps going on and everybody has a good time.”

Several different Knights of Columbus councils and Altar Societies are again serving as chefs for the campers. “There’s no shortage of food.”

Decker said she has been impressed with the volunteers.

Volunteers were committed

“We’ve had almost all of our volunteers from the last two years come back. So this is their third year, and a whole crop of new ones. They’re really committed to serving their camper.”

Sixty-two campers and 65 volunteers were part of this year’s event.

They participated in a variety of activities Tuesday through Thursday, June 6-8, including scavenger hunts, water activities and swimming, fishing, open mic, a dance, a hay ride, animal petting, and bingo.