Bishop Kemme speaks at prayer service

Bishop Carl A. Kemme was one of the speakers at a community prayer service July 23 in Wichita. (Advance photo)

The following are selected quotes from Bishop Carl A. Kemme’s address at the Community Prayer event Saturday, July 23, at Eastminster Presbyterian Church.

“Whether believer or not, regardless of religious affiliation, we are all human beings and should be able to recognize what science and the natural law affirm, that the child in the womb is a person, endowed as our nation’s founding documents proclaim, with God-given rights, namely life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“Now, in the State of Kansas, here in the heartland of our country, it is our time as its citizens to determine something profound and that is to confirm that like the United States Constitution, there is NO right in the Constitution of the State of Kansas that guarantees the right to an abortion. Among other things, the Value Them Both amendment, if passed will make that determination. Though it will not ban abortion, it will relegate that industry to the rule of common sense law and regulations, which without a doubt will save babies and support mothers.”

“The battle for the life of the pre-born is a battle against the greatest evil of human history. Let us make no mistake about it; we are fighting the powers of darkness that hate all things associated with God and would like nothing better than to wreak havoc with the plan of God for our happiness and well-being including and especially tempting some to misuse their freedom to destroy life, even that of an innocent baby.”

“This is our defining moment, for us to decide how we will go as a State when it comes to the defining and human issue of life and the unborn. What we decide on August 2nd will define what values shape our society and culture. We dare not shrink from this important and historic moment. With faith and Christ-like love, knowing that God will help us do what by ourselves we cannot, let us seize this moment and in spite of the strident clamors of the forces, worldly and other worldly that oppose us, let us do something great and pass Value them Both.”