Bishop Carl A. Kemme’s Statement on the Upcoming Value Them Both Amendment


Very soon, on August 2nd, the people of Kansas will vote on the state constitutional Amendment VALUE THEM BOTH. The passing of this CRITICAL amendment will return the abortion industry in our state to important oversight and regulation, something that is at risk due to the State Supreme Court’s decision in 2019 that found in the constitution a right to abortion although the constitution never mentions the word. We can be sure that passing of the Value Them both amendment will save many unborn children and provide legal protections and support for mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy. Without Value Them Both, the abortion industry in Kansas will be able to operate with virtually no restrictions or regulations. Because of this, as the bishop of Wichita, I urge all of you to vote Yes to the Value Them Both amendment on August 2nd. Today, I am in front of a center for which I am most grateful and honored to support, A Better Choice. A Better Choice truly values both the unborn child and his or her mother by providing necessary and important care, counseling, and support. This center and dozens of others like it across our state are not in the business of destroying life but of saving it. The staff and volunteers here and elsewhere don’t judge—they provide SUPPORT for women facing unplanned pregnancies. I am so proud of the work of this pregnancy center, offering pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and other support so that mothers can confirm their pregnancy and see their unborn child; they offer prenatal and post-natal care to the child, material assistance, and parenting skills to help mothers and fathers at every step in the journey in becoming parents. Here, the staff and volunteers show us and the world what it truly means to be pro-life. The abortion industry is trying to buy this election with confusion and outright lies. Don’t be fooled. Passage of Value Them Both preserves Kansas laws that help save unborn babies and protect women in unplanned pregnancies. And so, keeping in my mind and heart every child saved here and every mother loved and supported here, I beg you to vote Yes on August 2nd to Value Them Both. Thank you and God bless you always.