Volunteer goes full-time at Guadalupe Clinic

Jennifer Larsen, a member of St. John Parish in El Dorado, went from volunteer physician’s assistant to full-time employee at the Guadalupe Clinic in Wichita. (Advance photo)

WICHITA – The Guadalupe Clinic became Jennifer Larsen’s favorite place to work after she saw her first patient while volunteering there in 2012.

“I always felt really good about what I did there,” she said. “I noticed that they always had a couple of full-time providers and I thought if a spot ever opens up, I’d really like to work there.”

A spot did open up, and Larsen, a physician’s assistant and a member of St. John Parish in El Dorado, switched from volunteer to full-time employee on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Moving from a secular, business environment to a Catholic-oriented health ministry was an incentive in her decision.

“It’s fulfilling because we’re helping people who otherwise wouldn’t have the means to get health care – and health care is so important,” she said. “It’s incredibly important that we try to keep our brothers and sisters as healthy as possible.”

The patients at the Guadalupe Clinic appreciate anything done for them, she said. “There’s also more of a wholesome sense…I need to look at all aspects of this patient’s life to try to help them as much as possible.”

JV Johnston, the clinic’s executive director, said he is happy Larson is coming on board.

“Guadalupe Clinic is in its 35th year of providing free health care to the working poor and underserved who fall below 250 percent of the poverty line,” he said. “Jennifer’s history in volunteering with our patients is a unique asset and will help coordinate follow up care with our 43 volunteer doctors, PAs, and APRNs.”

An APRN is an advanced practice registered nurse.

Want to volunteer at the clinic?

The Guadalupe Clinic is volunteer-driven. If you wish to join the many health providers at the clinic, visit guadalupeclinic.org for information about volunteering.