Aug. 18 event will explain how to evangelize like the apostles

We can’t keep Jesus to ourselves, says Steve Dawson. “If we really believe that Jesus is who he says he is, that he’s the Lord of the universe, our creator,… Read More

Fr. Carney serving Benedictines, searching for lost souls

Fr. Lawrence Carney, wearing a white cassock and a black saturno, walked the Camino de Santiago for over a month about nine years ago. It changed his life, as it… Read More

Spiritual Life Center focusing on ‘saving souls, forming soul savers’

The entire world had to adapt during the many months of the pandemic. Mike Cook said that pandemic downtime was a perfect opportunity for the Spiritual Life Center to hit… Read More

Campus missionaries spreading the Word

St. Paul University Parish FOCUS missionaries evangelizing Wichita State University students The four FOCUS missionaries evangelizing from St. Paul University Parish at Wichita State University embody the diocesan Pastoral Plan’s… Read More

Priests reaching out to Spanish-speaking, others to bring them back into the church

Fr. Jose Machado isn’t waiting for the Spanish-speaking Catholics to reach out to him, he’s tracking them down and handing out tracts. Fr. Machado, the diocesan facilitator for Evangelization, Discipleship… Read More

Ed Sri explains how to change the world

Catholic theologian: evangelize those around you to have an impact Want to hear more? Ed Sri’s talks are at Church of the Magdalen’s YouTube website here. Ed Sri talked about… Read More

Taking the Gospel to the ailing

Father Betzen implementing the diocesan Pastoral Plan to evangelize Father J.D. Betzen says his new role as a hospital chaplain allows him many more opportunities to fulfill the diocesan priority… Read More

Evangelizing neighborhood youth

Seminarian Jesus Banuelos shares Gospel with North High area teens WICHITA – When Andy Churray visited the St. Joseph House of Formation a couple of years ago to talk about… Read More

SEEK21 plants evangelization seeds

The pandemic didn’t stop SEEK21 from attempting to evangelize our increasingly anti-Christian culture. About 130 took part in the internet event Thursday, Feb. 4, through Saturday, Feb. 6, at Church… Read More

An evangelization challenge to the diocese

Founder of Lighthouse Catholic Media urges the faithful to reach out to every soul in the diocese Mark Middendorf heaped praise upon those attending his talk Wednesday, Feb. 10, at… Read More

The hospitality of entertaining angels

Parishes learn about the first step in evangelization Nearly 200 representatives from 33 parishes in the Diocese of Wichita learned earlier this month that evangelization begins with simple hospitality. They… Read More

Shining a light on evangelization

Two parishes in the Diocese of Wichita have begun taking action on Bishop Carl A. Kemme’s pastoral priority: “Formation in Evangelization in order to Preach the Gospel to all People.”… Read More