Safe Haven Sunday: empowering the family

Want more info to protect your family? Need help staying chaste?
Visit for information. The site includes resources for families, couples, and men and women to address the issue of pornography and help overcome an addiction to pornography. It also has links to therapists and counselors.

Challenge yourself: As part of its ongoing efforts to help individuals and families grow spiritually, the diocese has partnered with Covenant Eyes for the Safe Digital Family Challenge. This seven-day program offers digital education and encouragement, delivered directly to your email. Participants join a movement committed to reclaiming our culture for the betterment of our faith and family values. To enroll, simply text SECURE to 66866.

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By Jake Samour
Technology has undeniably reshaped our cultural landscape. It has revolutionized the way we create, consume, and share information, ushering in new forms of artistic expression and communication. This transformation has made knowledge more accessible, connecting people across the globe in unprecedented ways. However, this technological evolution comes with its own set of challenges, notably the widespread influence of pornography.

Pornography has infiltrated every corner of our culture, affecting individuals across all demographics – regardless of age, economic status, or background. This universal presence raises a critical question: Are our relationships, particularly marriages and parental roles, immune to its influence? The answer is a resounding no. With studies indicating that 56% of divorce cases involve pornography as a contributing factor, the threat to personal and family stability is undeniable.

Strong shields are needed

It’s a common misconception among Catholics and other faith communities that our spiritual beliefs alone shield us from such temptations. This belief is misguided. The reality is that we are all susceptible to the lure of pornography, making it imperative that we actively seek solutions and support to confront this challenge head-on.

We extend an invitation to our community to explore the resources on our newly launched diocesan website The site is designed to empower spouses, families, and educators with the knowledge and strategies needed to protect our children and help others navigate the dangers of pornography.

Safe Haven Sunday

In response to this crisis, the Diocese of Wichita will once again mark Safe Haven Sunday on the first weekend of Lent, Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 17-18. The initiative shines a spotlight on the importance of safeguarding marriages and families from the detrimental effects of pornography.

In an era where pornography is affecting all areas of our cultural landscape, it’s time for us, as a faith community, to reclaim this ground for Christ. By equipping ourselves with the best tools and resources, we can create a safe haven for our families and ourselves, fostering healthier, stronger communities.

Samour is director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life.