Marriage on Tap offers a new date night experience for young couples

Travis and Maria Gear share their marriage experiences during a Marriage on Tap event Jan. 22 in Colwich. The evening is designed to enrich the lives of engaged and newlywed couples. (Courtesy photo)

Next Marriage on Tap April 22
The next Marriage on Tap will gather at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 22, at The Keg in Colwich. The evening promises enriching conversations, a complimentary meal, and a couple of drink tickets. The evening sets the stage for couples entering into marriage to thrive and connect in fellowship. Engaged or newlywed couples are encouraged to take part in this opportunity to fortify their marriage. To make a reservation, visit

By Jake Samour
Married couples often embark on the journey of marriage, seeking deeper intimacy and healthy communication, only to encounter struggles and unexpected challenges. However, a groundbreaking report from the National Marriage Project and the Wheatley Institute unveils a straightforward strategy to strengthen matrimonial bonds: regular date nights.

Underpinning this approach, the Office of Marriage and Family Life has joined forces with the Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) community, launching the innovative Marriage on Tap initiative.

The first Marriage on Tap debuted on Jan. 22 at The Keg in Colwich, offering engaged and newlywed couples a refreshing mix of dining, a presentation and insightful discussions, all at no cost, thanks to the Catholic Marriage Initiative matching grant.

The inaugural session featured CEE team members Travis and Maria Gear, who delved into the ebbs and flows of marriage and family life in their talk, Marriage: An Adventure of a Lifetime.

They described their extraordinary family trips and pilgrimages, shedding light on the profound lessons these adventures imparted to their children and themselves, especially during moments that they described as “doing the hard thing.”

Recognizing the significant impact of such gatherings, Marriage on Tap events will take place quarterly, aiming to nurture and enrich the bonds of the newly married generation within our diocese.

These events are more than social gatherings, they are a crucible for fostering stronger relationships, echoing studies that correlate frequent date nights with enhancing relationship quality.

Samour is the director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life.