Jesus is a source of healing for all victims

An altar server hands Bishop Carl A. Kemme a thurible during a holy hour for repentance Sunday evening, Oct. 20, in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita. (Advance photo)

Bishop Kemme leads holy hour for repentance, healing, reparation at Cathedral

Jesus Christ will continue to be a source of healing for the many in the world, and in particular, for those who have been wounded by the actions of some of the priests of the Diocese of Wichita Bishop Carl A. Kemme said during a homily Sunday evening, Oct. 20, in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita.

He said he was deeply moved by the 100 people who joined him for the holy hour for repentance, healing, and reparation at the diocese’s mother church.

“May our prayerful witness tonight continue in our parishes, in our homes, and throughout this entire local church,” he said in a darkened cathedral. “Prayers that what was lost may be restored, and that what has been wounded may be healed.”

Often tragedies are caused by outside forces, the bishop said, but at other times, tragedies are caused by a member of the family – sinful action, sometimes criminal actions – which cause untold hurt, alienation, family dysfunction, and great demoralization.

“Such is the case with the sexual abuse of children and other vulnerable people committed by members of the clergy, however long ago or however recently they have been. These wounds to the body of Christ run deep and cause unimaginable suffering,” he said.

“It is for these wounds caused by those who were appointed to be shepherds and representatives of Christ that I as a bishop serving in these troubled times call us all to repent of and to make reparation for as a family member of the church.”

Grace will help heal those harmed

Bishop Kemme said it was important for the church to face this “so that the light of grace will help heal those who have been harmed.”

Standing with special lighting from Wichita Adore Ministries behind him, the bishop said he is confident God is at work in this renewal effort.

“I feel this most intensely even in my own spiritual life and that my brother priests with whom I am grateful and encouraged to serve. I ask that you, dear members of the laity, to encourage us, all of us, priests and bishops, to encourage us to be men of prayer, to be men of integrity, honesty, and purity.”

Bishop Kemme urged the faithful to pray for the victims that they will experience healing and mercy. He urged all to work to provide the safest possible environment for children, young people, and vulnerable adults.

“We can never tire of implementing and improving these programs and processes so that each and every person who comes to us, for whatever reason, will leave with their dignity and innocence preserved as a child with God.”