Holy Family Camp set for June 6-9

Amber Tra of Wichita enjoyed being the center of attention under a parachute at last summer’s Holy Family Camp. (Advance file photo)

Want to attend Holy Family Camp?

Those interested in taking part in this year’s camp, to be held Monday through Thursday, June 6-9, at Camp Hiawatha in north Wichita, may email Kris Decker at [email protected] or call her at 316-269-3900. Volunteers are needed for this year’s camp. The minimum age for volunteers is 14. To volunteer, contact Kris Decker at the email or phone number above.

The annual Holy Family Camp is again in a transition year.

But this year’s camp, June 6-9, will be more open than last year, according to Kris Decker, camp coordinator, when participants were only able to take part in carnival-like activities.

“Campers came for a three-hour segment in the morning or afternoon,” she said. “They were escorted by a family member or designee. We did some group activities in short segments so they wouldn’t be exposed for long periods of time – as much as possible outdoors.”

Decker said last year was designed to be much different from previous, overnight camps because it was still being held at the same venue. “This year we’re organizing it more like a regular camp.”

This summer, the day campers will participate in carnival-like activities in the morning. Regular camp activities such as archery, swimming, and crafts will take place in the afternoon. The Knights of Columbus will travel to the camp to serve two meals.

The pandemic may now be waning and could be diminished by summer, Decker said.

“But when we started planning for this summer we were still at the height of Omicron,” she said, “so we had to make a decision back then what we were going to do for the summer.”