Guadalupe Clinic gets a new director of nursing

Pam Kramer, the new director of Nursing at the Guadalupe Clinic in Wichita, stands in front of the history display at the clinic. (Advance photo)

Pam Kramer returned to Wichita in August to be close to family and so she wouldn’t have to be a long-distance grandmother.

Her move also means a short drive from the College Hill area of Wichita to her new job as director of Nursing for the Guadalupe Clinic.

Kramer, who has been a nurse for 38 years, lived in Kansas City for the last six years working at St. Luke’s on the Plaza where she managed the medical-surgical trauma ICU, which evolved into a Covid ICU.

“This past summer I thought, I’m in a good position to return home. So I bought myself a house which I have been remodeling” she said.

Closer to home, family

Now she’s close to her mother, her children, her sisters, and the baby who will soon be her first grandchild.

While renovating her house, she kept an eye out for possible jobs not related to a hospital. “I knew I wanted to try something other than hospital nursing since that is what I have done most of my career,” Kramer said.

She was also interested in something a bit more altruistic that would employ her skills, so when the Guadalupe Clinic’s position opened up, she applied.

“I really didn’t think I was even a candidate because it was about five weeks before J.V. gave me a call and said he’d like to have a conversation.”

J.V. Johnston is the executive director of the clinic.

Bringing her experience to the clinic

“I feel like I can really contribute to the development of staff, and teaching ways of providing health care,” Kramer said. “I’ve always felt very strongly that everyone deserves care and every person deserves respect. That’s always been my approach with patients.”

Kramer brings a variety of experiences to the job. She studied at St. Mary of the Plains College in Dodge City and earned a master’s degree in nursing from Wichita State University. Kramer taught at Newman University early in her career. She has also worked at St. Francis Hospital/Via Christi; Hutchinson Hospital, where she was director of education; and at Wesley Medical Center.

For the last 10 years she has been managing intensive care units.

The atmosphere is a bit less intense at the Guadalupe Clinic, however.

She started work at the clinic on Oct. 19, so she’s still learning about her duties.

“I’ll be overseeing the nursing care of the clinic and supporting the medical assistants,” she said.
“And I’ll provide my insight and knowledge to the standards and what is best for the patient,” Kramer said.