Fort Scott celebrates 25 years of adoration

Deb Skeen, secretary of Mary, Queen of Angels, Parish in Fort Scott prays before the Blessed Sacrament.

Mary Queen of Angels Church will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Eucharistic Adoration in Fort Scott on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12-13.

The Very Rev. John P. Lanzrath, pastor of St. John Parish in El Dorado, will celebrate the weekend Masses. He will also be the homilist.

On Sunday afternoon, the parish will host an Exposition of the Eucharist. Fr. Lanzrath will lead a Eucharistic Conference afterward, followed by an outdoor procession and Benediction.

Adoration began in Fort Scott on Sept. 12, 1995, at Mercy Hospital. When the new Mercy Health Center was built, adoration was moved to the chapel there. In 2009, adoration was moved to the Adoration Chapel in the new school and parish annex of Mary, Queen of Angels, Church.

Adoration is from 5 p.m. Monday through midnight Friday. There are now over 100 adorers, many of whom have been participating since adoration started in Fort Scott.

The parish has been blessed by the effort, according to Maggie Kerr, who coordinates adoration with Holly Klassen.
“Our adorers, their families, our parish families, and our community have been strengthened and richly blessed through this powerful devotion,” Kerr said.

Father Yancey Burgess is the pastor of Mary, Queen of Angels.