Seminarians and Ordinations

Recruiting Events:

We are here to assist your efforts in recruiting the next generation of priests for our diocese.  Recruiting seminarians is an effort that encompasses all of our priests working together.  Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

 Event Date/Time/Place Age
Evening with Bishop Kemme:
SEKS – Brunch November 5, 2022, Crestwood Country Club Jrs in HS – 30 years
West Wichita Tuesday, November 8th – Bishops Residence Jrs in HS – 30 years
Quo Vadis Retreat Dec 30, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023, SLC Jrs in HS – 30 years


College Visits
Fr. Chad, Fr. Drew and Fr. Garett will be making college visits soon.  If you know of a man attending one of the schools listed below who may be or should be considering seminary, please reach out to the Vocations Office to let us know about him.

Pitt State – November 3 – Fr. Chad
Benedictine – November 9 – Fr. Drew
WSU – November 9 afternoon/evening – Fr. Chad
K-State – November 17 into 18 – Fr. Chad


Ordinations 2023

To help everyone to prepare we would like to announce the dates and times for the 2023 Ordinations and the events surrounding them.

Thursday 5/18/23 Evening with the Seminarians in SEK 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday 5/24/23 Evening with the Seminarians at the Cathedral 6:00 p.m.

Saturday 5/27/23 Diaconate Ordination at the Cathedral 10:00 a.m.