Ascend 2022 set for Oct. 29

Noelle Garcia of Dodge City is a Catholic mother of five who will appear and sing at the event with her husband. (Courtesy photo)


Event for middle school youth to be held at Kapaun Mt. Carmel

Ascend 2022, a conference for Catholic middle school youth, will be held Saturday, Oct. 29, at Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School in Wichita.

Anthony Keiser, director of the diocesan Office of Faith Formation, said the conference focuses on middle school youth who are at a crucial age in the formation of their faith.

“The latest studies have shown that by the age of 12 kids know what they’re going to do as far as their faith life is concerned by the time they reach 18,” he said. “They’ve made up their mind by age 12 whether they’re going to leave the faith once they’re out of mom and dad’s house, or whether they’re going to stay with the faith.”

Because the age is so crucial, Keiser said, he urges parents and parishes to give middle school students a strong encounter with Jesus.

Ascend 2022 will feature talented speakers and music led by David McHugh, he said, adding that the speakers, Noelle Garcia and Mike Patin, are accomplished ministers to that age group.

“It’s a very unique age group that take very good talent to reach them,” Keiser said.

The conference is open to middle school students, their youth ministry leaders, chaperones, and parents.

Speakers include:
• Mike Patin of Lafayette, Louisiana, is a former high school teacher and coach who has worked in ministry for the Archdiocese of New Orleans. He is now a full time speaker. Patin received the National Catholic Youth Ministry Award in 2006.
• Performance Painter Mike Debus of Kansas City paints in front of his audience. He says God has opened many doors to him since he began his ministry in 2008.
• Noelle Garcia of Dodge City is a Catholic recording artist, speaker, and mother of five. She shares her faith at Catholic conferences focusing on topics such as depression and suffering.
• Musician David McHugh of Oklahoma City is the father of six and a musician who uses music, graphic design to advocate for the needs of the church.