Apostle Build ’23 hammers will swing June 7

Two men inspect a pile of lumber during an Apostle Build in July of 2021. Volunteers are needed for this year’s event. The location has yet to be determined but will likely be in the Holy Savior Parish neighborhood. (Advance file photo)

Want to help build a house for your neighbor?

Volunteer workdays for Apostle Build 2023 are Wednesday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Volunteers may sign-up for the dates of their choice by clicking here or by emailing [email protected], or by calling 316-269-3935.


Bonnie Toombs is issuing a shout-out to those who don’t mind a little sweat during the summer.

Toombs, the director of the Respect Life and Social Justice Office, is putting out a call for volunteers for the biannual Diocese of Wichita Apostle Build. Hammers will start swinging on Wednesday, June 7, at a location to be determined.

“The Apostle Build is a special diocesan biannual project where parishes, families, school groups, and individuals of all sizes come together to fund and build a home for a local family,” she said.

The family buys the house

The house is not given to the family, though, Toombs emphasized.

“The homeowner purchases the home from Habitat for Humanity, but the Habitat program ensures the house is affordable. The homeowner family provides ‘sweat equity’ by working on their own home as well as the homes of other families.”

Toombs added that the families also participate in mandatory classes to prepare them for home ownership. The process takes 14 to 18 months for most families.

Apostle Build 2023 is a way to put one’s faith into action, she said.

Off the pew and into the world

“The Apostle Build project asks the faithful to leave the pews of the church and serve in the way that the original apostles served. It allows people of faith to be the body of Christ in the world,” Toombs said.

Participating in the build can also help revitalize a parish. “Parishioners become more engaged,” she said. “That giving increases because people want to be a part of a vibrant church that reaches beyond itself. Parishes report that members get excited about other mission opportunities after working on a Habitat for Humanity project.”

Toombs is inviting men’s and women’s groups, young professionals, high school sports groups, college-age work groups, parish groups – and individuals. “Volunteers love it when their pastor participates with them in the build!” she said.