A Totus Tuus for those with special needs was held at Church of the Resurrection

Emily Weninger places a white chasuble on a stand as Serena Barnard looks on. (Advance photo)


Children with special needs took part in a Totus Tuus that was totally theirs this month.

The catechetical event for children with moderate to severe special needs was held Monday through Thursday, Aug. 1-4 at Church of the Resurrection in Wichita.

Myra Jacobs, director of the Ministry With Persons With Disabilities, said the parish was perfect for the event.

Sensory-friendly Masses

“We’ve had a sensory-friendly Mass every day,” she said. “Sensory-friendly means that the lighting is subdued and the children can stand as needed. The music and the readings are done in a very soft voice.”

Jacobs said the children have also had access to a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium, a prepared environment set aside for the children to relate to God.

“As far as I know, this is the first time it’s been used for children with moderate to severe disabilities. The children did really well. They like the quiet atmosphere. They liked being able to pick up items like the chalice and ciborium and experience them.”

Blaise Jirak, a member of Sacred Heart Parish in Colwich, said he had a lot of fun helping the children during the week and learned a lot about children with special needs. “I think one of the most important things about this week is that we’re able to just kind of give the parents a little bit of a rest and they’re able to enjoy that. And that’s a way that I can give my time.”