The Year of St. Joseph

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“In fact, through Joseph we go directly to Mary, and, through
Mary, to the origin of all holiness, Jesus, who consecrated
the domestic virtues with his obedience to Joseph and Mary”
- Pope Benedict XV

Bishop Kemme Declaration

February | Prayerful & Contemplative

Pillar of Family Life; Light of Patriarchs

Joseph is the light of patriarchs because he is the most sublime of all fathers. To him was given the privilege of being the father and pillar within the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. He was a secure anchor, a point of reference, a sure sign, a directing arrow, a beacon of light. All this – because as the greatest of all fathers, he was a man of deep prayer and contemplation. Openness and sensitivity to God’s Spirit comes only with prolonged fidelity to prayer. How else could his actions speak “fiat” following angelic visits in dreams? How else heard God’s voice in angel messages? How else to trust that he, a simple carpenter, could raise a King? His actions reveal his strong relationship with God. The foundation of Joseph’s life was prayer and, as on a rock, he built his family on prayer – daily prayer at home and prayer in the synagogue. His life of prayer enabled Joseph to let the paternal light of God shine through his own fatherhood, and to be a steadfast support and guide for Mary and Jesus. Joseph us teaches that God is the source of all we need. In God we find strength for our responsibilities. In God we stand firm in our vocation. In God we discover light when we lose our way. From God, and by the example of Joseph, we learn how to be a chaste husband, a loving wife, a good son or daughter, a compassionate brother or sister, a faithful friend… Saint Joseph, show us how to make our homes and our hearts places where prayer has a “home.”
Votive Mass | February 16th

March | Chaste & Loving

Chaste; Husband of the Mother of God; Guardian of Virgins

The glory of Joseph is in his purity and his chaste loving relationship with Mary, Virgin and Mother. Chastity is not solely physical purity. Joseph, chaste in body and pure in action, protected the dignity of the Blessed Mother. Joseph, chaste in mind, from which pure actions flow, pondered the things of God rather than selfish desires. Joseph, chaste of heart, loved only what pleased God and God’s desires for others. Joseph, chaste in spirit, was undivided, seeking God and His will in all circumstances, which allowed his pure love to burn more brightly. Purity enables us to see ourselves and others as God sees – as temples of the Holy Spirit. Being chaste in all aspects of one’s being enables one to see the mystery of God’s presence hidden in the intimate center of another, and refuses to unveil what should remain sacred and hidden. Joseph perceived the mystery of Mary and her divine motherhood. Very likely, not considering himself virtuous enough, Joseph may well have thought, “I am not worthy!” But Joseph’s chaste love was the Ever-Virgin Mary’s greatest protection and security in her singular role within salvation history. Joseph protected the hidden mystery of his spouse with his chaste love. Saint Joseph, protect us! Saint Joseph, help us serve Jesus and Mary, and each other, with pure hearts and spirits, and with chaste minds and bodies, all the days of our lives. (What meaning does this have for us, for me personally?)
Votive Mass | March 19th

A Consecration to St Joseph

Ideally, families and groups could organize themselves to make the consecration together. Fr. Calloway’s book includes material for six weeks of group meetings leading up to the consecration. On the final day a simple ceremony could be planned where the group recites the consecration prayer together led by their pastor or parochial vicar following the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

To make a 33-day consecration, we recommend that you use the new book Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC.

The chart below lists suggested dates for making the consecration during the Year of St. Joseph

February 15, 2021Solemnity of St. JosephMarch 19, 2021
March 30, 2021St. Joseph the WorkerMay 1, 2021
April 11, 2021Our Lady of FatimaMay 13, 2021
July 20, 2021Our Lady of KnockAugust 21, 2021
September 30, 2021All SaintsNovember 1, 2021
November 25, 2021Holy FamilyDecember 27, 2021