O’Malley, Rev Michael William


November 5, 2005

Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 1 October 1924
  • Place of Birth in Ireland: Crossmolina
  • County: Mayo
  • Education: St Muredach’s College, Ballina and St Peter’s Seminary, Wexford
  • Date of Ordination: 8 June 1952
  • Place of Ordination: St Peter College Chapel, Wexford
  • Ordained by: Most Rev. James Staunton, Bishop of Ferns

Diocesan Assignments

  • Assistant – Holy Name, Coffeyville – 10/17/1952 to 5/8/1959
  • Assistant – All Saints, Wichita – 5/9/1959 to 6/1/1960
  • Pastor – St Philip Neri, Franklin – 6/2/1960 to 1961
  • Pastor – St Alice, Capaldo – 1961 to 6/6/1963
  • Pastor – St Ignatius, Neodesha – 6/8/1963 to 6/39/1967
  • Chaplain – St Margaret Mercy Hospital, Fredonia – 6/21/1963 to 6/30/1967
  • Pastor – Sacred Heart, Halstead – 7/1/1967 to 6/27/1968
  • Chancery – CCM Newton Deanery, Moderator, Newton – 9/1/1967
  • Pastor – St John, Iola – 6/28/1968 to 6/30/1974
  • Chancery – CCW Fort Scott Deanery, Moderator, Fort Scott – 7/15/1970
  • Pastor – St Barbara, Chicopee and St Anastasia, Cherokee – 10/29/1974 to 8/6/1985
  • Pastor – Mother of God, Oswego and Sacred Heart, Chetopa – 8/7/1985 to 3/15/1987

Father O’Malley was one of 17 Irish missionary priests recruited to come to the Diocese of Wichita by Bishop Mark K. Carroll in the early 1950s. While the majority of these priests remained in Wichita, Bishop Carroll shared some of these recruits with the newly formed Diocese of Dodge City, much to the appreciation of Bishop John Franz and his parishioners.

Bishop Eugene Gerber arrived at Sacred Heart parish in Chetopa to dedicate the new parish hall in February 1986. The center was built by the men of the parish with most of the work donated. The parish hall was started by Father Joseph Abraham in 1985 but Father O’Malley picked up the torch when he was transferred to the Chetopa parish. In addition to the parish hall, Father O’Malley coordinated the foundation repair work and the laying of new sidewalks.

Sacred Heart parish predates the establishment of the diocese, as Jesuit missionaries from Osage Mission ministered to the early settlers living in the area. Plans were developed for building a church but were delayed by the Union Army who burned the town to the ground.

In conjunction with the celebration of St Patrick’s Day, Father O’Malley held a communion service for Catholic residents living in the Sterling Heights Manor in Iola, Kansas. Afterwards, the residents were treated to homemade cookies and punch.

  • Date of Death: 5 November 2005
  • Place of Death: Crossmolina, Ireland
  • Age of Death: 81
  • Funeral Celebrant: Bishop Emeritus Eugene Gerber, represented the Diocese of Wichita for funeral services in Ireland.
  • Burial: St Tiernan’s Church Cemetery, Crossmolina, Co Mayo, Ireland.

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