Maloney, Rev Patrick J.


July 1, 1926

Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 20 March 1875
  • Place of Birth in Ireland: Bodyke
  • County: Clare
  • Education: St Flannan’s College, Ennis and St Patrick’s College – Carlow
  • Date of Ordination: 1 June 1901
  • Place of Ordination: Cathedral of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, Carlow, Ireland
  • Ordained by: Rt Rev Patrick Foley, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin


Diocesan Appointments

  • Pastor – Immaculate Conception, Danville – 5/1/1902 to 2/13/1913
  • Pastor – St Patrick, Kingman; St James, Augusta; St John the Evangelist, El Dorado – 5/1/1902 to 2/13/1913
  • Pastor – -St Patrick-St Joan of Arc, Harper; Sacred Heart, Perth and stations located at, Kiowa – 1902 to 1913
  • Pastor – Sacred Heart, Anthony – 1908 to 1912
  • Patient – Del Norte Sanatorium – Leave of absence due to illness in 1913 to 11/1/1919
  • Pastor – St Agnes, Castleton – 4/16/1920 to 10/12/1921
  • Pastor – St Mary, Moline – 10/12/1921 to 1/31/1924
  • Pastor – St Mary, Derby – 7/1/1923 to 1924
  • Chaplain – St Elizabeth Hospital, Hutchinson – 1924

The Wellington, Kansas newspaper published in February 1902, that Father Maloney was in town to follow-up on plans relating to the building of a new church. It was cited that Bishop Hennessey had purchased three lots and that erection of a new church was rumored to be started as soon as weather permitted. Previously Wellington had a country church but it fell on hard times and was unable to pay the mortgage so the building was sold.

Also in 1902, Father Maloney was sent by Bishop Hennessy to Kingman to work with area Catholics in the purchase of a parochial residence. Apparently, the Bishop promised the parishioners that he’d would give them a resident pastor if they would come together and purchase a rectory.

Father Maloney, purchased a half block of lots in Anthony, Kansas in 1908 as the new location for the Catholic church. While the diocese already had two lots, they secured more property to build a parsonage and school for the parish should the city continue to grow as expected.

Father’s death announcement, sent to all clergy in the diocese by Bishop Schwertner, was printed in The Catholic Advance. It said:

“To the clergy of the Wichita diocese the late Father Patrick J. Maloney was ever one of the best beloved priests. His kindly, generous, manly nature made a host of friends for him in the various parishes where he ministered with zeal during the years of his activity. Charitable he was at all times in thought, word and deed, ever ready to help the needy out of his own meager store. Of him it may be truly said that ‘his pity gave ere charity began.’ A man of simple piety, modest and unassuming, he met the trials and vicissitudes of life with the courage and faith that comes only from a genuine love of God and our fellow men. After eight months of suffering from tuberculosis, which he bore with fortitude and patience, the call came to him from the Divine Master whom he loved and he answered the call serenely and trustfully with a prayer on his lips and submission in his heart to the holy will of God. Eternal rest to his generous, manly soul!”

  • Date of Death: 1 July 1926
  • Place of Death: Wichita, Kansas
  • Age of Death: 51
  • Cause of Death: Tuberculosis
  • Funeral Celebrant: Bishop Augustus Schwertner at St Mary’s Cathedral in Wichita
  • Burial: Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, Alsip, Cook County, IL

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