Macinerney, Rev John J


March 16, 1948

Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 17 March 1878
  • County: Clare
  • Education: Petit Seminary, St. Trond, Belgium and the American College, Louvain, Belgium
  • Date of Ordination: 14 July 1901
  • Place of Ordination: American College, Louvain Belgium for the Diocese of Wichita
  • Ordained by: Most Reverend Theophile Meerscharet, Bishop of the Oklahoma-Tulsa Diocese

Diocesan Appointments

  • Assistant – Pro-Cathedral, Wichita; serving Kingman, Pilsen, Hutchinson and Florence, KS – 1901 through 1902
  • Pastor – St Joseph, Humboldt with St John, Iola as a mission – 1903 to 10/14/1915
  • Pastor – St Patrick, Chanute – 10/15/1915 to 3/16/1948
  • Chancery – Diocesan School Board
  • Chancery – Diocesan Director of the Holy Name Society

Through his observations and conversations, Father MacInerney shared his concern about the growing indifference of religious practices and beliefs. He felt the indifference was partially caused by the perception that religion lost its clout as a vital power and that material wealth had taken priority with many. His Christian faith and leadership challenge was to host some educational presentations for all folks in the area who shared his concerns to St Joseph Church to hear the truths of Christianity for an open and fair discussion.

Sixteen vacant chairs was the focus of Father MacInerney’s address during the May 1917 Decoration Day exercises. Father told the crowd at the festivities that the 16 chairs represented the largest number of veterans who died in one year in the history of Chanute.

Father MacInerney, along with the ladies’ guild members and their husbands, hosted a surprise farewell party for the family of J.F. McNally at the rectory. Mr McNally, an assistant division superintendent of the Santa Fe railroad was promoted and required to move to Emporia. Father MacInerney, on behalf of the ladies’ guild, presented Mr and Mrs McNally with a beautiful cut glass vase as a slight token of the esteem in which they are held by the many friends in Chanute.

Father MacInerney, acting as master of ceremonies, hoisted up the American flag on the new flag pole erected near St Patrick’s Church. The event was attended by Chanute’s Postmaster, John Laphan in addition to other civic leaders. The event was held on the lawn of the rectory and speakers delivered their addresses from the porch. After the program was completed, the attendees were treated to ice cream and cake.

St Patrick’s parish announced its intention to complete the building of its elementary school. It was originally scheduled for building in 1914 but due to the European war breaking out, it was put on hold until after the war was over. Father MacInerney shared with his parishioners that he has received letters from several families who would move to Chanute if only they had a Catholic grade school like another cities. He stated that children from any religious backgrounds would be welcome to attend and the school will be using the same textbooks as the public schools so that teachers would meet the state curriculum requirements. However, an additional hour would be added to the schedule for religious instruction which “….will teach the children to respect authority and to point out the fallacies of the new isms and political heresies which would destroy a true democratic form of government.” The school’s capacity will be for 120 students and it will go through the eighth grade.

  • Date of Death: 16 March 1948
  • Place of Death: Chanute, KS
  • Age of Death: 70
  • Cause of Death: Heart attack
  • Funeral Celebrant: Bishop Mark K. Carroll at St Patrick Parish in Chanute
  • Burial: Calvary Cemetery, Wichita, Kansas

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