Adoption Awareness Ministry

Many families in our Catholic community are formed through adoption.
Our goal is to help families interested in adopting to understand the process and
develop a network of support in our own parishes who are
willing to be mentors and share in the journey of adoption with those families.

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Types of Adoption

There are various types of adoptions to consider when discerning what is right for your family. The links below may be helpful in understanding the types of adoptions.

o Private Adoption versus Foster to Adopt
o Types of Adoption

Understanding the Adoption Process

The following link can help you understand the adoption process if you find it to be confusing.

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Adoption Financial Assistance Resources

There are a number of financial assistance resource that could be available to offer support through the adoption process. Follow the links below to learn more.

o Adoption Association of Kansas provides estimated costs of adoption, as well as financial assistance resources.
o Adoption Grants, Loans, and Fundraisers

Post-Adoption Resources

After the adoption is complete, there is an ongoing need for support. Learn more about support opportunities

Contact the Respect Life and Social Justice office below to be connected with a mentor.

Want to Adopt?

We are not responsible for the actions and policies of the community organizations mentioned on this website. They are listed as available resources.

Foster to Adopt

Adopt Kansas Kids believes every child deserves a loving, caring home and a family they can call their own. Adopt Kansas Kids helps children find a place where they belong and people who will always be there for them

Private Adoption

The goal of Adoption Association of Kansas Catholic Charities is to provide honest answers and the best education and support possible so that you can decide if open infant adoption is right for you. Each agency in the Adoption Association of Kansas Catholic Charities is a licensed non-profit full-service child-placing agency that works with pregnant women and couples throughout Kansas.

Private Adoption

St. Joseph Adoption Ministry is a Catholic, Pro-Life Agency sponsored by the Congregation of St. Joseph. They are a licensed adoption agency in the State of Kansas who primarily match couples with adoptions of newborns and toddlers within the United States.

Private Adoption

As a Catholic searching for information on adoption, including your faith in the process is probably very important to you. Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are looking for a Catholic family to adopt your baby or you are interested in adopting, Catholic Adoption Online can create matches among those with the Catholic faith in common.

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