• Closing Mass and Reception on June 23
    Closing Mass and Reception on June 23 With gratitude and joy the pleasure of your company is requested at the celebration of the closing of the Year of Fr. Kapaun and the 76th anniversary of Fr. Kapaun’s ordination, which took place at St. John’s Chapel on June 9, 1940.
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  • The Year of Fr. Kapaun
    The Year of Fr. Kapaun Father Kapaun lived his life in service to others. He was a man of joy, and you could see that joy in his actions. That joy was the love that he received from God. He felt that joy when he gave that love to others and when he was of service to others.

    With joy, we celebrate "The Year of Fr. Kapaun."
  • Fr. Kapaun Guild
    Fr. Kapaun Guild Fr. Emil Kapaun was a Kansas Priest and Korean War hero from Pilsen who led an extraordinary life and is on the road to sainthood Fr. Kapaun, Servant of God, pray for us.

Canonization Process

For information regarding the process of Fr. Kapaun's canonization

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  • Father Kapaun Mass June 9 Register here for the Closing Mass and dinner for the Year of Father Kapaun.
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  • Annual Pilgrimage to Pilsen June 2-5, 2016 Learn more and sign up here!

Bishop Kemme Presents Positio

On November 9th, Bishop Carl Kemme of the Diocese of Wichita present the completed Positio Super Vita, Virtutibus et Fama Sanctitatis (Statement on the Life, Virtue and Holy Reputation) on Fr. Kapaun to the Congregation for Saints in Rome.  This is an exciting and significant step in the process of declaring Fr. Kapaun a saint!

At this point, the Congregation will begin to review the life and alleged miracles of Fr. Kapaun, and eventually give a recommendation on Fr. Kapaun's sanctity to the Holy Father, who can declare him a blessed and a saint.

Although the review process will begin in part, it will still be some time before the Congregation of Saints is able to bring a fuller attention to Fr. Kapaun's cause, as there are many other causes under investigation.  However, we are doing well to have the Positio in their hands, and Fr. Kapaun's is a case that the Congregation is already aware of.  In all reality, we have only been working on Fr. Kapaun's cause in an official capacity since 2008, and things have been moving along rapidly.  This next step is no different, even though everyone is eager to celebrate a Beatification.  We at the Fr. Kapaun Guild appreciate the Church's diligence with Fr. Kapaun's cause, and know that everything is moving along quite well! It is our job to continue to share Fr. Kapaun with others and to pray that the Holy Spirit guide this process!

Read more in the National Catholic Register.

Watch a video of Bishop Kemme describing the meeting with Cardinal Amato of the Congregation for Saints.

In addition, many people have been asking about the timing of the process going forward, especially in light of some of the news coverage of the event.  We assure you that things are going as expected! Read the statement from Fr. Hotze, Episcopal Delegate for the Cause for Beatification of Father Kapaun, here.


Prayer for the Beatification and Canonization of Fr. Kapaun
Lord Jesus, in the midst of the folly of war, your servant, Chaplain Emil Kapaun, spent himself in total service to you on the battlefields and in the prison camps of Korea, until his death at the hands of his captors. We now ask you, Lord Jesus, if it be your will, to make known to all the world the holiness of Chaplain Kapaun and the glory of his complete sacrifice for you by signs of miracles and peace. In your name, Lord, we ask, for you are the source of peace, the strength of our service to others, and our final hope. Amen.

Chaplain Kapaun, pray for us.


St. John Nepomucene Church

St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church was built by the strong backs of the farmers from the Bohemian community known as Pilsen, Marion County, Kansas in 1914 through 1915.  The church is located in the center of this little community of descendants of Bohemian families who immigrated to the United States.

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