11 elevated as readers or acolytes

Eleven seminarians of the Diocese of Wichita were elevated to special ministries by Bishop Carl A. Kemme at a Mass of Institution for Readers and Acolytes Monday, March 26, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita.
Bishop Kemme talked about the reading of the day in which Judas Iscariot becomes upset because a jar of expensive oil is used by Mary of Bethany to anoint Jesus’ feet. Jesus chastises Judas and Mary is allowed to perform her act of devotion
“My friends, this beautiful text invites us to consider the Bethany of our hearts, souls, homes, and churches, as places of welcome for the Lord. Is Jesus welcome there in the Bethany of your heart and home?” Bishop Kemme said. “Is Jesus a true friend among friends, among us?”
Invite Jesus into the “Bethany of your heart,” the bishop said, “and show him the love and tenderness he deserves as Our Lord and Savior.”
In comments directed to the seminarians, Bishop Kemme said, the men were advancing on the road to formal and official ministry in the church to proclaim the Word and to assist at the altar and the sanctuary.
“As your bishop, and on behalf of the good people of our diocese, I invite you to fulfill these sacred duties with the spirit of Mary in tonight’s Gospel, as a friend of Jesus and as one who understood the deeper significance of what she was doing,” he said. “In the same way, as lectors and acolytes, I urge you to not merely read the Scriptures, as if you were reading the newspaper or a novel or any other printed text, but rather to proclaim the Word, knowing that it is God speaking through you and to his people.”
He urged the seminarians to offer the Bethany of their lives to Jesus Christ.
“As lectors and acolytes, give him a Bethany-like service, personal, meaningful, devoted and sincere, for when you do, you will not only be fulfilling your ministries, but you will also grow in friendship and love with your welcomed divine Guest; you will be building up the church and giving glory to God on high.”
Father Chad Arnold, director of the diocesan Vocations office, said the ministries help to highlight the fact that a man studying to be a priest does not just wake up one day and get ordained, but that it is a process – a process of growth and enrichment.
“In the ministry of lector, a man is challenged to deepen his relationship with scripture while also being given the responsibility to proclaim and share the good news of salvation. In the ministry of acolyte, a man is invited to draw closer to the altar of God, to mold their life more perfectly to the likeness of Christ, and to assist priests in carrying out their ministry of Holy Communion.”

Ministry of Reader
Four were installed into the Ministry of Reader, and may:
• Proclaim the readings from sacred Scripture, except for the gospel, in the Mass and other sacred celebrations;
• Recite the psalm between the readings when there is no psalmist;
• Present the intentions for the general intercessions in the absence of a deacon or cantor;
• Direct the singing and the participation by the faithful;
• Instruct the faithful for the worthy reception of the sacraments.
He may also, insofar as may be necessary, take care of preparing other faithful who are appointed on a temporary basis to read the Scriptures in liturgical celebrations.

Ministry of Acolyte
The acolyte is appointed in order to aid the deacon and to minister to the priest.
It is his duty to attend to the service of the altar and to assist the deacon and the priest in liturgical celebrations, especially in the celebration of Mass; he is also to distribute communion as a special minister when ordinary ministers are not available or are prevented by ill health, age, or another pastoral ministry from performing this function, or when the number of communicants is so great that the celebration of Mass would be unduly prolonged.
An acolyte may be entrusted, in some extraordinary circumstances, with publicly exposing the Blessed Sacrament for adoration by the faithful and afterward replacing it, but not with blessing the people; and to assist the priest or deacon in liturgical celebrations by carrying the missal, cross, candles, etc., or by performing other such duties.

Ministry of Reader
Four men were installed in the Ministry of Reader. They are in their second year of theology.
• James Trevor Buster, Sacred Heart Parish, Caney
• Hayden C. Charles, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Wichita
• Luke A. Downing, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Wichita
• Ty D. Taylor, St. Michael the Archangel Parish, Mulvane
Ministry of Acolyte
Seven men were installed the Ministry of Acolyte. They are in their first year of theology.
• Dillon J. Cott, St. Peter the Apostle Parish, Schulte
• Kirk Matt Glazier, St. Teresa of Avila Parish, Madison
• Andrew J. Meng, St. Joseph Parish, Ost
• Patrick J. McKenzie, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Wichita
• Christopher J. Rumback, St. Teresa of Avila Parish, Hutchinson
• William P. Stuever, St. Joseph Parish, Andale
• Jonathan G. Tolbert, Church of the Magdalen Parish, Wichita