Bishop welcomes 376 at rites in Cathedral

Bishop Carl A. Kemme last weekend welcomed hundreds of baptized and unbaptized persons who will formally become members of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil Saturday, March 31.
“You represent to me a tremendous gift from God, a blessing to us, hopefully as much as the church will be a blessing to you,” he said.
Bishop Kemme oversaw three Rites of Election, one held on Saturday, Feb. 17 and two on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 18, in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita.
Forty-two parishes from throughout the Diocese of Wichita participated. The catechumens, who are unbaptized, and the candidates were sent from their parishes to the bishop, who received them in the mother church of the diocese.
“None of us are here today by coincidence and none of us are here primarily because of our own doing or choice,” he said, adding that they were there because God called them.
“God is giving you today a new spiritual family, a new and added family to love you, to walk with you and, yes, even to challenge you.”
The church is not perfect and should never pretend to be, Bishop Kemme said. “We are sinners, each and every one of us, from the pope down to the bishops, our priests and consecrated religious, and every one of the baptized,” he said, adding, “I like to say, perfectly imperfect.”
Bishop Kemme said that we have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who was sent by God the Father to save us from our imperfect selves and to win the gift of eternal life.
“The very fact that the Word became flesh and took upon himself our entire nature in all things except sin is the greatest sign of God’s relentless love,” he said, adding that God never tires of showing his boundless mercy.

Rites last step to becoming a Catholic
Three Rites of Election and Calls to Continuing Conversion were held the weekend of Feb. 17-18 in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita. Bishop Carl A. Kemme received the catechumens, those who are not yet baptized, and candidates, those wishing to come into full communion with the Catholic Church, inviting them to receive the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil.
On Saturday morning, Feb. 17, 12 parishes participated with 32 catechumens and 41 candidates; on Sunday, at the first of two afternoon rites, 16 parishes participated with 65 catechumens and 124 candidates; 14 parishes were part of the second rite that day, with 45 catechumens and 69 candidates.

154 catechumens, 206 candidates to be received March 31
Here are the 206 candidates and 154 catechumens who will be received into the church on at the Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 31, a parishes throughout the Diocese of Wichita. A catechumen has not yet been baptized.
St. Mary, Aleppo
Catechumen – Abbey Lane Stuhlsatz
St. Vincent de Paul, Andover
Catechumen – Shawn Tran
Candidates – Luis Avila, Cody Cook, Liam Dempsey, Isabella Dempsey, Logan Dempsey, Miguel Keosyha, Jonni Kimminau, Hannah Lyons, Senesak Matmanivong, Christine Nankap, Anna Nguyen, Mia Nguyen, Sandrine Nkouga, Casey Phillips, Josh Reed, Laurie Reed, Abigail Robison, Ava Simon, Jean Smith, Kevine Tchoukedjoup, Cynthia Tracy
St. Patrick, Chanute
Catechumen – Robert Dickinson
Candidates – Amelia Newman, Janae Palet
St. John, Clonmel
Catechumens – Kyler Frost, Angela Stump
Candidates – Caleb Handy, Sherrie Pelz, Carlos Perez
St. Rose of Lima, Columbus
Catechumens - Charles DePratt, Jonathan Etler
St. Mark the Evangelist, Colwich
Catechumen – Ashley Barr
Candidate – Rebecca Ewert
St. Mary, Derby/Rose Hill
Catechumens – Tim Calvert, Randy Cousins, Jonathan Gilmour, Tony Herington, Carly Lambert, Karsyn Rich, Della Shirley, Kayle Trissal
Candidates – Victoria Brown, Carly Chapman, Neal Crowell, Suzan Crowell, Carla Dravis, Tona Forsberg, Amanda Egbert, Samantha Potts, Joan Shelton, Kristy Shirley, Kathy Slemp
St. Patrick, Galena
Candidate - David Russell
St. Anthony, Garden Plain
Catechumens – James Paul Baker, Van Thanh Lear
St. Cecilia, Haysville
Catechumens – Kaleb Baker, Robert Fleetwood, Faith Jacobs, Colby Jacobs, Carl Long, Michael Taylor, Chuck Rupert, Elly Greenwood, Justin Knoblauch, Dustin Knoblauch, Jax Dawson, Julia Dawson
Candidates – Todd Jacobs, Leon Thompson, Mike Spain, Mika Ross
St. Joseph, Humboldt
Candidate – Kylee Geffert
Holy Cross, Hutchinson
Catechumens – Jarrod Decker, Heather Ediger, Ashley Knight, Chet Knight, Deanna Knight, Scott Stroberg, Blaine Teter, Virginia Thornton
Candidates – Brandi Miller, Kirsten Paulsrud, Jake Thiessen
Our Lady of Guadalupe, South Hutchinson
Catechumens – Dallis Boyd-Will, Shirley Curiel, Alicia Dominguez, Ashley Fredrick, Jim Glass, Tarryn Riney, Daniel Swanson, Chanel Vargas
Candidates – Monie Arnett, Karen Barr, Larry Brooks, Noeli Casares, Desiree De Virgilio, Mario Dominguez, Michelle Kirk, Zak Kirk, Juan Parra, LeDon Ratliff, Choong Son, Jaclyn Unruh
St. Andrew, Independence
Catechumen – Ashleigh Daniels
Candidate – Marsha Shultz
St. Joseph, McPherson
Candidate – Samantha Jarvis
St. Michael, Mulvane
Catechumens – Jacey Johnson, Britney Murphy
Candidates – Dean Carson, Daniel Gibson, Drew Johnston
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Newton
Catechumen – Asia Harris
Candidate – Gabe Lies
St. Mary, Newton
Catechumens – Patrick Charlson
Candidates – Eric Jones, Richard Maxwell, Amy Ozbun, Rik Ozbun
St. Mary, Oxford
Candidate – Connie Kane
St. Patrick, Parsons
Catechumens – Landon Rowland, Jayleigh Phillips, Zaiver Phillips
Candidates – John Allen, Leigh Ann Phillips, Ryan Phillips, Kristen Stenborg
Our Lady of Lourdes, Pittsburg
Catechumens – Tim Davolt, Cyrstal Gill, Austin Horton, Kyra Rink, Jeff Risher, Jordan Tate
Candidates – Routy Baker, Candice Brynds, Shelley Brynds, Kelly Kays, David McCarley, Jim Presley, Kara Turner
St. Bridget, Scammon
Catechumen – Dakota Sears
Candidate - Carl Mussa
St. Peter, Schulte
Catechumens – Chris Berger, Rebecca Berger, Jordan Hoheisel, Bethany Weesner, Baylee Goetz
Candidates – Robert Stahl, David Goodwin, Linda Martinez
Holy Name, Winfield
Catechumen – Paul Warden
Candidates – Kyndra Hecker, Buck Humphries
All Saints
Catechumen – Abigail Barnett
Candidate – Herine Nancy
Blessed Sacrament
Catechumens – Emily Tracy, Kristina Cantanese, Jamie Gunderson, James Goodfriend, Brent Dorah
Candidates – Shelly Kuhn, Jesse Shelton-Nielsen, Jackleen Shelton, Chase Daniels, Breanna Doenitz, Dana Ingle, Jade Martin, Gregory Bradford, Rowdie Pate, Kayla Steele, Sarah Patterson, Dorothy Flory, Ron Flory, Bridgette Donley, Brian Wolke, Jonathan Snider, Jaren Glaser
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Catechumen – Megan Garcia
Candidates – Joseph Capul, Megan Chevalier, Mariela Garcia, James Mamalis, Landon Olson
Christ the King
Catechumens – Lindsey Stillwell, Alex Stillwell, Blake Noel, Brittany Pfannenstiel, Jordan Aceves, William Wood
Candidates – Leonard Cook, Danielle Janzing
Church of the Magdalen
Catechumens – Tristan Blackley, Ashley Ibarra, Sohna Shook
Candidates – Brooklyn Brown, Ashley Doyle, Chad Fenn, Julian Gonzales, Cohen Gray, Brian Martinez, Niep Tracy Nguyen, Stephen Pety, Cassy Salvacion, Jarod Stice, Jessica Stice
Church of the Resurrection
Catechumen – Timothy O’Farrell
Candidates – Christopher Berry, Blake Fisher, Molly Marshall, Megan Niedens
Holy Savior
Catechumens – Shelly Elliott, Alexis Elliot, Jacob McNett, Antonio Ibarra, Ariana Breckenridge, Isaik Idanez
Candidates - Joaquin Robinson, Marcela McNett, Valentina Gonzalez, Olympia Gonzalez, Saul Olivas, Zachary Lee-Watts, Toman Idanez, Gabriella Ibarra
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Catechumens – Orlanzo Rene Agüero, Yulissa Meraz Alfaro, Victoria Reynoso, Itzel Pizaña
Candidates – Agustina Chávez, Gerardo Chávez, José Palacios, Simón Delgado, Patricia Castro, Eric Urbina, Miguel Rodríguez, José Cobián, Crystal Rochel, Alfred High, Fabiola High
St. Anne
Catechumens – John Bredengerd, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Paul Nguyen, Ashley Ayala-Chavez, Priscila Chairez, Allison Ibarra Rodriguez, Uciel Chairez, Christian Hernandez-Renderos, Juana Retana, Olivana Galindo, Jose Escobedo Soriano
Candidates – Kissha Hay
St. Anthony
Candidates – Howard Chung, Hien Thi Le, Amy Le Pham, Duy Duc Vo, Van Thi Thu Nguyen, Sang Ngoc Nguyen, Loan Thi Thuy Nguyen, Jackson An Nguyen, Alexander Sayarath
St. Catherine of Siena
Catechumens – Callie Feist, David Robertson, Tobin Rupe, Kristy Gehling, Finn Fuqua, Augustine Salas
Candidates – Stacy Kornelson, Lindsey Ewertz, Colby Moritz, Torrie Rupe, Chad Fuqua, Chad (Evan) Fuqua II, Cavan Fuqua, Allan Thomas, David Dendurent, Chande Jones, Megan Salas-Orozco, Jeffrey Klaus
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Catechumens – Josh Axline, Juan Gonzales
Candidates – Sara Linnebur, Barb Reeser, Chris Lewis, Brice Garrels, Vickie Oliphant, Michelle Allison, Robin Ortner, Susanna Larraga
St. Francis of Assisi
Catechumens – Abrielle Bond, Erika Dean, Heidi Elledge, Vanessa Guzman, Lily Guzman, Carter Jenson, Elan Piper, Adrian Saldana, Alivia Terronez, Josie Terronez, Nicholas Terronez
Candidates - Shelly Bloomer, Jason Elledge, Clara Anayi Enriquez-Lopez, Robyn Gruenwald, Misty Hoopes, Tyler Martin, Robert Pepper, Angelo Silva, Sebastian Castillo-Silva, Anabela Perez-Silva, Laynie Winfrey
St. Jude
Catechumens – Fabiola Magana, Jesse Haskin
Candidate – Mary Lue Calkins
St. Margaret Mary
Catechumens – Ismael Chavez, Clarisa Lozoya, Alex Hernandez, Alondra Martinez, Manuel Garcia, Jazmin Martinez
Candidate – Candice Taft
St. Maximilian Kolbe
Catechumens – Mya Owens, Thomas Kalima-Preciado
St. Patrick
Catechumens – Clayton Haselhorst, Alicia Lopez, Elizabeth Stark, Jason Walton
Candidate – Miguel Aguilar
St. Paul University Parish at Wichita State University
Catechumens – Regan Mae Williams, Jimmy Richard Orman, Robert Allen Fusco, Micah Louise Williams, Chris Marlett, Chantal D Nae Prester, Jia Liang Chew, Clayton Baughn, Journey Bodyk, Emily Lehn, Tanner Sutphin
Candidates – Arokia Stephana Maria Das Anna Victor, La Donna S Hale, Angie Victoria Marlett, Brooke Leann Taylor
St. Thomas Aquinas
Catechumens – Brian Dwyer, Nicholas Howell, Jacey Lewis, Samuel Melendez, Cameron Sellers, Maggie Armstrong
Candidates – Amanda Allen, James Allen, Melissa Mosher, Jay Rector, John Romine, William Truesdell, Whitney Cornejo, Sarah Storm, Nicholas Storm, Russell Meyer, Timothy Genders, Chadd Arnold