Bishop, priests celebrate Mass in a ‘place of darkness’

A Mass was celebrated Saturday, Oct. 28, in a place of “darkness” by Bishop Carl A. Kemme and seven priests of the Diocese of Wichita.
Catholics worship God who is light and life, Bishop Kemme said in his homily. “But the evil one and those who succumb to his temptations in attempt to thwart God’s creative plan and to sully his work, allow darkness and death to enter the garden of paradise.”
The ancient battle between light and darkness continues in us personally and in our culture, he said, and especially affects the innocent lives of the unborn.
“Here in places such as this, all over the country and the world, the prince of darkness and death is honored and adored,” Bishop Kemme said. “Here the devils rejoice when the darkness is made darker and death is made more horrific by the choice in this building and others like it, to destroy a life created in the image and likeness of God.”
The bishop delivered his homily on public property on the west side of the abortion clinic in Wichita. About 250 of the faithful attended. After Mass the group followed the bishop in a Eucharistic procession beside the clinic.
Bishop Kemme said the Mass was being offered at the site as an appropriate end to Respect Life Month to “offer the perfect Sacrifice of the Prince of Light and Life as a remedy for sin” and to “flood this place with the graces and blessings of goodness and light.”
Christians combat evil, he said, not so much by the direct elimination of evil, “but by the outpouring of goodness, virtue, mercy, compassion, decency, purity and truth – flooding the darkness with the more powerful light of Christ.”
After thanking those who braved the frigid morning to pray for the unborn, “the most precious of God’s unrepeatable gifts, human life,” he said what they were doing was something mystical, surrounding the clinic with sacramental and sanctifying grace.
“Here God can change hearts long after we depart today; here will have been offered the Mass of Christ on Calvary, who died that we might live; and here will use Him who is blessing itself, to bless this ground on which we stand, a blessing we pray will remain to continue the fight against our ancient foe.”