Seminarian Application

We are glad you are considering beginning the process to apply as a seminarian for our diocese. Below you will find pertinent information to assist you. The steps outlined here will help you stay organized and on target as we travel this important road together.

Application to the Diocese of Wichita

Initial Interview

Initial contact is made when a young man calls the Vocations Office for the first time. After an initial meeting, the Director of Vocations will meet with the candidate for a series of conversations. These will allow the Vocations Director to answer questions you may have, to begin your formation as a seminarian candidate and to let us learn a little more about you.

You will find this checklist helpful in completing the process. All interview modules should be completed at least 3 days prior to your interview. Forms should be typewritten except for the required signatures. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will have to co-sign your forms. All forms and transcripts should be mailed directly to:

Fr. Chad Arnold
Director of Vocations
424 North Broadway
Wichita, Kansas 67202

First Conversation

In preparation for our FIRST interview, please complete the following forms (according to each form's instructions):

1. Conversation 1
2. Diocesan Application
3. Medical History
4. Permission to Release Information

Second Conversation

In preparation for the SECOND interview, you should be prepared to present:

1.Conversation 2
2. Autobiography Submit by email.
3. Request 2 copies of your Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates from the appropriate parish. They must be issued within the past 6 months. (Sample Letter)
4. Diocesan Code of Ethics Policy
5. Policy on the Suspected Abuse of Children
6. Criminal/Financial Background check

Third Conversation

Follow the links below to download the forms needed in preparation for this interview and for your recommendations. Please schedule a time with each of the following persons when you request them to recommend you to seminary:

1. Conversation 3
2. Pastor Recommendation Form
3. Priest Recommendation Form
4. Educator Recommendation Form

Family Visit

At this point, you are ready to schedule a time for the Director of Vocations to meet and visit with your family. Normally a time during the evening is scheduled to meet with your family in your home. This is a time for your parents and siblings to have their questions answered about what your life will be like next year and to let them know about the program of vocations in the Diocese of Wichita.

Physical and Psychological Exam

After your interviews, you will receive an email with information on setting an appointment for a psychological assessment. There will be forms necessary for your assessment attached to the email.

Before you arrive for your appointment, you must complete and email your intake form.

Prior to your first appointment you must read and sign the psychological services agreement. Print the form, sign it, and bring the signed copy to your first appointment. If you are a minor, a legal guardian cosign the document.

Schedule a Physical Exam by your physician including:
HIV Blood Screening
Drug Testing by Urinalysis

Your physician will need to complete the physical exam form and submit it and all test results by mail or fax to the Office of Vocations.


Once you are completed with the above, you will be emailed that the Bishop is ready to accept you as a seminarian for the Diocese of Wichita. At that time, you will be invited for an acceptance meeting with the Bishop in the Bishop's office at the Chancery (424 N. Broadway, Wichita). Be sure to wear a suit and tie for this important occasion. At this time, you will also learn of your seminary assignment.

Application to Seminary

The final step is submitting an application to your assigned seminary. For a copy of the application, please follow the following links.

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary
Mundelein Seminary (Part 1 and Part 2)
Newman University

While completing your application to the seminary, request 2 copies of all High School and College Transcripts. One transcript will be mailed to the Diocese of Wichita, the other will be mailed directly to the seminary you will attend. If you are currently enrolled, wait until the end of the term to request transcripts. (Sample Letter)

Once you submit your application to the appropriate seminary, your application is complete. The Director of Vocations will forward all information in your file to the seminary for you.