Diocese produces video to emphasize the central role of the priesthood
The Catholic Advance has produced an educational video that will be used by the Diocese of Wichita and the diocesan Vocations Office.
The one-minute video clip promotes the idea: No Priest, No Mass.
Participating in the production were those attending weekend Masses last month and Carole Pracht, the organist for the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Wichita.
Amy Pavlacka, director of the diocesan Communications Office, said the ad was part of an ongoing diocesan effort to follow Pope John Paul II’s exhortation to embrace technology to evangelize.

“Pope Benedict uses technology to reach out to the faithful across the globe with the Vatican’s website and with the Vatican’s YouTube page,” she said, adding that Pope Benedict XVI has endorsed social networking media and blogging.
The pope has also challenged priests across the globe to use the internet.
“Priests are thus challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources (images, videos, animated features, blogs, websites) which, alongside traditional means, can open up broad new vistas for dialogue, evangelization and catechesis,” Pope Benedict declared May 16 in his message “The Priest and Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World: New Media at the Service of the Word.”
Pope Benedict added: “The development of the new technologies and the larger digital world represents a great resource for humanity as a whole and for every individual, and it can act as a stimulus to encounter and dialogue.”
Father Mike Simone, director of the diocesan Vocations office, said the video promoting vocations is designed to help young men understand the immeasurable value of the Mass.
“Without the Mass there is no Eucharist” he said. “Without a priest there is no Mass and there is no Eucharist. And what kind of a church do we have without the Eucharist?”
Fr. Simone added that the internet and other electric means of communication, such as Facebook, help him to reach out to young men who might be thinking about the priesthood.
“The internet is also a way for me to help the Holy Spirit get through to the guys,” he said. “The priesthood is a awesome vocation. I want to help those men realize just how truly awesome it is.”