Seminarian snapshot
Seminarian: Thomas Skinner
School attended last year: Benedictine College
Currently enrolled: 3rd College at Conception
Parish: Blessed Sacrament, Wichita
Parents: Steve and Mary Frances Skinner

By Heather Welch
What are your first impressions of seminary?
My first few days here have been simply amazing! It is a place full of peace and joy because it is centered on Christ. Having a bunch of guys around is actually a lot of fun—you never have any shortage of sports and games. I can honestly say that being here is like a very good dream.

What classes are you taking this first semester?
I’m taking Ancient Philosophy, Christian Living, Western Civilizations, How to Look at Art, Fundamentals of Music, and also Voice Lessons just for fun.

When did you know God was leading you to discern a vocation to the priesthood?
I thought that God might be calling me to the priesthood during my freshman year of college, when I finally began to take my faith seriously. The Mass was at the center of my day.
One day, I went to Mass as usual; when the priest lifted up the bread after it had become the body of Christ, I felt a strange (and a little scary) desire to have that same gift. I ran from it at first, but God kept pulling me toward seminary, and after developing a strong habit of prayer I was certain that I needed to call the vocations director, Fr. Simone.

Tell us about your family picture. It looks like it was a fun trip!
This summer, I got to go to Colorado with my family for vacation. This picture was taken when we had just gotten done white-water rafting. It was a blast (but very cold)!

Being called to the seminary? Contact Fr. Mike Simone.