Mother talks about sending her son to the seminary

Seminarian snapshot
Seminarian: Jeremy S. Huser
Currently enrolled: Mount St. Mary Seminary
Parish: Sacred Heart Parish, Fredonia
Parents: Mark and Jeryl Huser

Editor’s note: This week we ask Jeryl Huser questions about her son Jeremy’s choice to study for the priesthood.
1. What has life been like for Jeremy and your family living as a farm family?
Very stressful! We grew up with a large family in a small house. There were long hours on the farm especially during the summer. We would usually have a late supper because we waited on the guys coming in from the farm. We always tried eating as a family at the table to talk about our day. Everyone helped out on the farm with the crops and livestock.
When the kids were little, they would ride in the tractor or combine with us, and when they got old enough, we taught them how to operate the machinery. The kids weren’t involved with a lot of school activities because farming life took a lot of our time. But we always made sure they attended Sunday school and we were always at Mass sitting together.
Even now, Jeremy often asks how things are on the farm. He asks how the crops are looking and if there are any changes. Even though he’s so busy right now, he tries to fit in time to run a tractor for a couple of hours when he’s home.

2. What signs did you see from Jeremy over time indicating a vocation?

When Jeremy was in high school he attended Teens Encounter Christ and shortly after that he was interested in helping with Totus Tuus during the summer. Since he was the oldest and a big help on the farm, we weren’t able to let him attend. Looking back, we think that was a big sign that we missed.
Then, when Jeremy was going to college at K-State he was very involved with St. Isidore’s Catholic Center. Jeremy and a couple of other students went with Father Keith Weber to Kenrick Seminary in St. Louis to visit. We think that sparked an interest. After Jeremy graduated from college, he worked in Colorado for a year and was very involved with the parish out there. A year later, he came back home to work and voiced his interest in the seminary.

3. What are your feelings about having a son in the seminary?
As his parents, we are very, very proud of Jeremy with God’s calling for him to be in the seminary. It is quite an honor for our family to have a son who feels close enough with God to devote his life to the church.
By choosing the priesthood, he has and continues to bring our family closer to the church. We are now even more involved with the diocese and with our parish.
From a parent’s perspective, we also worry about our son. We feel like today’s society may put added pressure on a priest because it seems like more people are losing faith in the church. We pray that Jeremy has the strength to fulfill the needs and challenges that he will encounter.