About The Diner

The Lord's Diner began serving meals on February 13, 2002 and at that time was serving an average of 425 meals a night from the original location. The Diner now serves an average of 2,500 nightly at two dining facilities (one in downtown Wichita, and one in south Wichita) and two food trucks (one in northwest Wichita, and one in southeast Wichita), to any guest who needs a nutritious meal - 60 percent of which are families..

The Lord's Diner is dedicated to improving the health of the community by ensuring that anyone in need receives daily nutrition in a dignified and caring environment from two dining facilities and two food trucks. National studies show that students who are hungry cannot learn; that workers who are hungry have increased potential for accidents and illness, and indigents who are hungry lost the hope and strength that motivates them to improve their circumstances. Young children who go hungry are subject to lifelong health and learning problems.

The Lord's Diner, a ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, has an interdenominational board, and volunteers are drawn from the broader Wichita community whose sole purpose it to feed the hungry daily. Support for the project's operations is from corporate and private contributions and in-kind donations of food and services.

Built for and by the community...

More than 175 local companies participated in constructing the original building that houses the first Lord's Diner location. Many of these companies donated materials and labor. Because of the generosity of those involved in constructing The Lord's Diner, meal service takes place in a debt-free facility. This generosity has continued and the Diner now serves meal from four locations.

This collaborative and creative effort has extended into the daily operations of all Lord's Diner locations. More than 6,000 volunteers from service organizations, parishes, corporate community programs, and churches, help in preparing and serving meals with dignity and respect. Training participants and maintaining this level of enthusiasm and community involvement is a primary activity of the Diner's small paid staff.