Catholic Schools

The Nation’s Report Card indicates Catholic Schools excelling post-pandemic

LEESBURG, Virginia – Catholic school students performed at or near the top in reading and math compared to public schools coming out of the pandemic, according to the National Assessment… Read More

Kairos retreats for juniors in Catholic high schools evolving

Bishop Carl A. Kemme and Superintendent of Schools Janet Eaton told Catholic school principals and administrators last month that the primary goal of a Catholic education is not to get… Read More

Superintendent Eaton reminds educators to help students earn an ‘St.’ before their names

Superintendent of Schools Janet Eaton reminded principals and pastors that their primary role isn’t to help students earn a “Ph.D.” after their name but to help them get an “St.”… Read More

Bishop to educators: Win the next generation to Christ

Bishop Carl A. Kemme talked about his fondness for the term “Peace be with you,” which is reserved in the liturgy for a bishop, when he addressed Catholic school principals… Read More

Middle school students learning about their emotions and thought processes

Several years ago Peg Dubrowski was monitoring lunch in a St. Louis Catholic school cafeteria with Janet Eaton, the current superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Wichita, who… Read More

New principals start the year in Southeast Kansas

Kristen O’Brien began student teaching over 25 years ago at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Pittsburg. Today she is the principal. O’Brien is one of three women in Southeast Kansas… Read More

Bishop urges educators to focus on making disciples

The culture is in a post-Christian apostolic era Bishop Carl A. Kemme told school administrators Friday, Aug. 6. “We are leaving a period of Christendom where the Judeo-Christian belief system… Read More

Pandemic didn’t stop classroom renovations

St. Margaret Mary raises money to renovate the school; more parish upgrades are planned Father Michael Brungardt may have been the instigator for the renovation of all the classrooms at… Read More

Children and teachers adapting to a new school year with many new challenges

The work school administrators and teachers put into preparing for the unusual beginning of the school year is paying off. Janet Eaton, superintendent of Catholic Schools, said principals experienced an… Read More

New principals preparing for the fall

Bishop Carl A. Kemme asked the new Catholic school principals to think beyond the idea of maintaining Catholic education. “If that’s all we’re going to continue to do, we’ll lose… Read More

St. Pat’s feeding hungry home-bound minds

St. Patrick School in Wichita isn’t forgetting that students need fuel to study – even when they’re stuck at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kitchen workers and other hourly… Read More

BCCHS instructors learning new ways to educate

Vanessa Harshberger didn’t notice the din of hundreds of students moving about and chatting in the halls of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School earlier in the school year, but the… Read More