Young Stewards Middle School

Stewardship Throughout the Year MS. An Overview of lesson themes, key words, and resources for Middles school.

Empowering Discipleship in Youth through the Four Pillars of Stewardship. Four lessons suggestions based upon the four pillars of Stewardship:  hospitality, formation, prayer, and service.

Seminarian card Activity. The goal of this activity is to create a connection b/w seminarians and students.

Listen activity handout. Worksheet to reflect on listening to God.

Guess the Artist game. A game to remind us that when we create something, we put ourselves into the creation, just as God.

Climate Change Bingo. A fun Bingo game using words having to do with Climate Change and Stewardship of the Earth.

Reverse Scavenger Hunt. A game to reinforce the understanding of stewardship of our community and earth begins at home.

Stewards of Vocation grades 6-8. Students will understand the meaning of vocation and how we are called to be stewards of our vocation, even now as students, son/daughters, challenging them to live their vocation now!

Stewards of Vocations-vows grades 6-8. Students will identify the vocations to married life, consecrated single life, religious life, and diocesan priesthood; recognizing the uniqueness of each call.  Students will learn about the different vows of the religious life.

Creation Prayer. A great classroom prayer.

Live as Children of Light Prayer Service. A simple classroom prayer service focusing on our commitment to discipleship.

Stewards of Vocation Video resources 6-8. Suggested video's on the stewardship of vocations.