What is Stewardship Fatigue Virus Syndrome?

   Overview & Facts

Stewardship Fatigue Virus Syndrome is a common virus infecting parishes having lived the Stewardship Way of Life for several generations, but complacency, apathy, and forgetfulness has created an atmosphere of entitlement and lethargy.

A virus is dangerous because this small infectious agent can replicate inside the parish life and affects all types of parishioners and ministries, including the head (the pastor).


Symptom Checker

   About 8 out of 10 parishes who have Stewardship Fatigue Syndrome have no symptoms at first.  When symptoms do appear, they include the following:

Diagnosis & Tests

    If a pastor suspects a parish may have contracted the Stewardship Fatigue Virus Syndrome, he will ask questions to find out the severity of the symptoms.  The following are some of the tests he can use:


Treatment & Care

 stethescope heart  Below are the different symptoms for Stewardship Fatigue Viral Infection.  Click on each symptom to read Treatment and Care.

Symptom: Same parishioners active and getting tired.

Symptom: Some parishioners say they are active, but only participate in one event a year.

Symptom: People equate Stewardship with money or parish chores.

Symptom: Same people always attend the meetings or functions.

Symptom: “I signed up but no one called me!”

Symptom: The number of time, talent, and treasure renewal forms are low.

Symptom: We have the same old ministries. Same people doing the same thing.

Symptom: Stewardship is spoken or thought of only during the renewal.

Symptom: Stewardship seems isolated. Just about money.

Symptom: We have forgotten what “stewardship” is about.

Symptom: All Father speaks about is money.

Symptom: We have many new families and youth in the parish who think “stewardship” is...

Symptom: Parishioners don’t seem to know what the parish has to offer.

Symptom: The parish seems dead. Nothing going on.

Symptom: Parishioners don’t know what is going on, especially financially.

Symptom: Parishioners are falling behind on their tithe of treasure. Why?

Symptom: Nobody knows me. I am anonymous in the parish. Part 1

Symptom: Nobody knows me. I am anonymous in the parish. Part 2

Symptom: Parishioners do not know each other.

Symptom: Lack of activities for parishioners to get to know each other.

Symptom: Fundraisers.

Symptom: Parishioners are “donating” money, not tithing.

Symptom: Lack of gratitude.

Symptom: Active members are getting tired.

Symptom: The parish seems lethargic.

Symptom: Our Stewardship Council is lacking ideas and energy.

Symptom: Parish does not have a Stewardship Council or has an inactive one.