May 30
The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Spirit of Adoption

Dt 4: 32-34, 39-40 / Rom 8: 14-17 / Mt 28: 16-20

 A few weeks ago, Jesus told us that we are no longer slaves, but friends. Today, He goes one step farther and says we do not have a spirit of slavery, but a Spirit of adoption. We have been chosen and intentionally brought into the love of the Holy Trinity! We are children of God and joint heirs with Christ, and that fact alone should revolutionize our discipleship. It should fill us with the faith and encouragement we need to do the hard work. Paul reminds us that we may have to “suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him.” The journey will not always be easy, but when we look to Jesus as the model for loving and serving the Father, we can’t go wrong. When we look to the Father as the model for mercy and compassion, we can’t go wrong. When we allow the Spirit to guide our steps, we can’t go wrong. Your FIAT is a yes to each person of the Holy Trinity!

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