August 7
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Faith that Can!

Wis 18:6-9 / Ps 33:1, 18-19, 20-22 / Heb 11:1-2, 8-19 / Lk 12:32-48

The art of food preservation is making a comeback.  Folks have their reasons for doing so.  Some might fear there will be a shortage of food.  Some might enjoy the lifestyle associated with preservation.  Others might just be curious.  Regardless, instruction is a very important component in the process.  Different foods require different methods of preservation.  Take canning for instance.  It is a lot easier having someone accompany you in the canning process.  Temperature, altitude, acidity, equipment all play a role in the canning process.  What if we had to preserve our faith by preserving it in cans or jars and then pass them on to the next generation simply by giving them a jar.  Of course, someone would need to keep preserving the faith and teach others to preserve for the next generation.  We are that next generation!  Faith is a gift.  As stewards of the faith, we need to keep canning and keep teaching others the art of preservation.  There is a real famine of preservation in our culture.  We need more canners!  We can do it!