Small Group Directed Retreats

Each month there are weekend opportunities for small groups (10-15 bedrooms) and individual retreats.   Here are some sample retreat themes an individual or group of individuals may choose from:

Contemplative Life Through the Eyes of Thomas Merton-integrating the spiritual life with contemporary life
Christian Leadership in the Name of Jesus-based on Henri Nouwen’s reflection on the three temptations of Christ
We Believe What? No Way! What Catholics Really Believe about the Trinity, the Eucharist, and the Church? Based upon Frank Sheed’s book, Theology for Beginners, this is a great refresher course on some theology you learned and then promptly forgot!
How to Pray Based on Your Personality-first find out what personality type you are using several methods, then apply it to different types of prayer
A Retreat with Father Emil Kapaun-who was he and how it can make a difference in our spiritual life
Ignatius Prayer and Meditation-a wonderful way of thinking and praying, recognizing God in everything and moment
Introduction to Spiritual Direction-time for discernment and perhaps some understanding of where God is in your life and what you are being invited to be

Parish Leadership Retreats and Days of Reflection

Designed for pastoral councils, finance councils, school councils, stewardship councils, parish and/or school staffs or even Knights of Columbus, Men’s groups, Altar Societies, or Ladies Clubs, these retreats and workshops help build up teamwork and leadership skills. Topics include:

Stewardship: It really is about discipleship! This program addresses both the spirituality of the Stewardship Way of Life and the practical application of implementing and cultivating Stewardship. A must retreat adventure for every parish Stewardship council. We will explore the life of Father Kapaun and how his life was that of a steward disciple.
Another Pastoral Council Meeting? This retreat experience will assist your pastoral council to understand the purpose of the council and to be more productive rather than meet just to meet!
All Saint Luke writes about is money! Why is it we are afraid to talk about money? On the average, one out of every seven verses in the Gospel of Saint Luke is about money! Overall, the entire Bible talks more about money than Hell! This retreat workshop is designed for parish leaders who are involved with the financial side of the Stewardship of Treasure.
Day of Mission and Planning. Perhaps your council, committee, or group simply needs space to come together for planning; the SLC can provide you with prayer experiences and can also provide a facilitator, or just simply rooms and space for you to work.

The cost of these Parish Leadership Retreats and Days of Reflection Workshops are flexible based on the needs of the Parish and the type of retreat. We will never turn down a parish due to lack of funds.

Cost & Scheduling

The purpose of the Spiritual Life Retreat Center is for you to rest, to renew your heart, restore your hope, and to respond to the Word of God; coming as a guest and leaving as His servant.


Cost.  An offering of $40 per night is suggested, but to encourage more private small groups and individuals to be renewed at our center, we simply ask for a free will offering to help cover the costs of  clean sheets, room, and comfortable atmosphere.   Meals per day are $29.00 (breakfast $7.00/lunch $10.00/dinner $12.00).

Contact Megan to schedule your retreat!