Bring the Retreat Center to Your Parish

NEW! Director of the Center, Fr. Ken VanHaverbeke can "bring the retreat center" to your parish in the form of a Parish Mission!

  A Three Night Parish Mission: Saturday/Sunday/Monday

Parish Mission Theme:  Encountering Christ with Joy!

The Joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus. Those who accept his offer of salvation are set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness and loneliness.” Pope Francis

This three night parish mission will allow parishioners to reflect upon the good news of Jesus Christ, the Joy of the Gospel! 

The Mission will give parishioners the opportunity to experience the good news through preaching on the scriptures, experiencing reconciliation through the sacraments, the company of fellow parishioners, prayer and music.

Topics will include:

·        Sin, Conversion, and what is so good about the Good News?

·        Now I understand the “Good News,” how do I share it, especially to my family?

·        Moving from “maintenance mode” to becoming a missionary of the Gospel  

·        Changing “stewardship” from parish chores to evangelization of the Gospel

Format for the Mission

·        Saturday night Vigil Mass followed by the first Mission Session from 7-9pm.

·        Sunday morning Masses with preaching on the Joy of the Gospel

·        Sunday 3pm Divine Mercy Confessions and Adoration available in church  

·        Sunday Evening Mission (7-9pm)

·        Monday Evening Mission followed by a social (7-9pm)



The Spiritual Life Center Parish Mission

The Spiritual Life Center Mission, led by Father Ken VanHaverbeke, has the goal of bringing the opportunities for spiritual growth found at the Spiritual Life Retreat Center in Wichita to parishes.  Our threefold mission of retreat experiences, adult education, and lay leadership formation will be incorporated into the Parish Mission in the hopes parishioners will avail themselves to the different offerings at the Spiritual Life Retreat Center (

What the Mission will look like:

Father Ken VanHaverbeke will celebrate and preach the Saturday evening Vigil Mass and Sunday Masses.  On Monday morning or afternoon, he is willing to visit homebound, speak to small parish groups, or to lead a Saint Peregrine Healing Service for the sick.

For more information, call the Center at (316) 744-0167.