Seminarian Local Formation

Diocesan Local Programs of Formation
During times while our seminarians are on break, we have a local program of formation that compliments and supplements the formation they receive in the seminary.  Consisting of our diocesan handbook, programs during summer and winter, and other opportunities for formation, our seminarians are able to engage in formation in a way that helps them to discern year round.


Diocesan Handbook: Forming Worthy Fellow Workers

In the summer of 2009 seminarians of the Diocese of Wichita gathered for evenings of formation to produce a handbook to guide their formation as a seminarian of the Diocese of Wichita. This handbook  serves as a guide to their formation.  It is based upon the promises a seminarian may one day make when ordained to the diaconate and priesthood. Click here for a copy of the document.


Seminarian Summer Formation
Summer break for seminarians for the Diocese of Wichita is comprised of two essential components: formation and work.  Formation: The seminarians of the diocese meet on various occasions for opportunities of fraternity, fun, and prayer. Work: College candidates are gainfully employed during the summer months, while theologians learn about Hispanic Ministry, engage in pastoral ministry in various institutions in the diocese, or receive a pastoral placement in a parish.  Below is a calendar of formation for next summer.

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Summer Evaluations
As our seminarians engage in work, study, or pastoral ministry during the summer months, they must continue the growth experienced during the academic year in seminary formation. A man must continue his formation by leading a life of prayer, work, and study. As a part of their summer formation, seminarians of the Diocese of Wichita will complete evaluations which are shared with the Bishop, the Director of Vocations, and seminaries. The Report on the Apostolic Visitation of seminaries, December 2008 notes that seminarians should be supervised, especially during extended times away from seminary. Your part of this evaluation process is invaluable. Thank you for helping with this part of the formation of our men. For copies of the evaluations, accompanying letters, and instructions, please click on appropriate link below (e.g. pastor for pastor evaluation, etc.).
Placement Evaluations Required
Summer Evaluation Information Form Pastor Evaluation Supervisor Evaluation Self-Evaluation
Deacon Placement
X   X
Pastoral Placement
Spanish Study
Secular Employment
(includes those living at NU)
  X X
Totus Tuus and Prayer & Action
  X X
Secular Employment     X
Mundelein CPE Experience

Summer CPE Documentation - Self -Formation Hours - Supervisor
(Both Pastoral and Deacon Placements)

New Men
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Spanish Immersion
In the summer we sponsor a Spanish Immersion Program for seminarians in Wichita, Ks in cooperation with The St. Joseph House of Formation and Newman University.  This program contains academic, pastoral and spiritual formation.  In addition to learning Spanish in the classroom, seminarians engage in an apostolate of ministry and are trained in Hispanic ministry by ministering to people in our local Church - those whom they are called to one day serve.  Below is a calendar of formation for next summer.

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