The Preparation Phase


June - September 

'Come and See' John 1:39-46

"He said to them, 'Come and you will see.'  So, 
They went and saw where he was staying, and 
they stayed with him that day.  It was about four
in the afternoon..." 




What to do first? 

Under the oversight of the pastor, the parish Stewardship Council begins planning for the 2018.2019 Stewardship Renewal with the theme of “Fully Alive as Missionary Disciples.”  A great way to begin is to evaluate last year’s renewal effort.  What worked?  What did not? Use the Annual Parish Stewardship Renewal Evaluation 

What else?


  • Attend a Renew 2018 Formation Conference
  • Schedule a gathering with Ministry Leaders/catechists/teachers to share this years’ theme
  • Share theme poster lesson plans
  • The BIG Reveal – August 18-19, 2018

Attend Parish Leadership Institute – July 28, 2018

Develop your Annual Stewardship Renewal Plan - use this planner

Revise/evaluate Time/Talent Commitment forms

Look for /schedule Lay Witness speakers

Develop a game plan for the Follow-up Phase

Schedule a Stewardship Ministry Fair


Last but not least: 

Pray!  Invite your ministry leaders to begin praying for this years’ renewal.  Create a stewardship prayer ministry:  people who are dedicated to praying daily for the success of the renewal.  


For details, please see pages: 7-9 in the Annual Parish Stewardship Renewal Planning Guide