To help each person to know and understand each vocation and be formed to discern God's call

Education ensures that each person understands the vocations or ways we serve God in the Church. They help one to understand that a vocation is a call from God rooted in Baptism and the path He intends for us to follow to complete our mission in life. Young people need education to assist them in discerning God's call while those who have chosen a particular vocation need continuing education to help them grow in the identity of their particular vocation. For ways to educate and form your parishioners and build a culture of vocations in your parish, please read below.

Knights of Columbus Vocation Poster Contest

Promote the Annual Knights of Columbus Vocation Awareness Poster and Essay Contest among Catholic School and PSR students to help them become more aware of priesthood and the religious life. Normally, lower grades create posters and upper level students write essays.

Contact your local K of C Council for more information.

Adopt a Priest, Religious Sister or Brother, or Seminarian

Each class in the parish school and each PSR class prays for this person as a group and occasionally sends cards of support or care packages. Click to find addresses for parishes and religious congregations. Follow this link to find a current list of seminarians and addresses.  Please note we do not have lists of priests or religious available for public distribution.

Classrooms Visits and Lesson Plans

Invite Sisters of the diocese to visit with students during Catholic Schools Week. To find contact information for particular religious communities in the diocese, visit their offical website(s).

For lesson plans teaching youth about vocations click on the links below: Archdiocese of St. Louis (Activities), Diocese of Arlington (Lesson Plans).

Field trip to a Seminary or Convent

Organize a day trip to several of the convents in Wichita for young women, and/or organize weekend trip to Conception Seminary College for young men.  To contact religious communities in our diocese, visit their official website(s).  To contact Conception Seminary College, visit their official website.

YOUR IDEA HERE - Please Email your ideas to the Office of Vocations.


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