Seminarian Burse

Seminary enrollment continues to climb as more and more young men pursue priestly formation. The Holy Spirit seems to be hard at work calling more and more young men to devote themselves to lives of service to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Diocese of Wichita has been blessed with increasing numbers  of seminarians but with this blessing comes the responsibility to provide for their education and formation for the priesthood.

In today’s troubled times, the world needs priests – Ministers of the Sacraments and models of Christ’s love – more than ever.

We need your help to ensure  that tomorrow’s priests  receive the formation they need. With your gift you  take a very direct part in the  formation of future priests  and, through those future  priests, you also play a role  in the spiritual nourishment of countless people to whom  they will minister. The high  cost of seminary education  needs a more secure source of funding. Average yearly  cost for seminarian education is $30,000. As our  numbers continue to increase, we will need additional resources to cover those costs.


A new generation of priests to serve as pastors and leaders, ensuring the stability of our parishes and the growth of our ministries and programs within the Diocese. You are laying a firm foundation for a future full of hope.

You can play a valuable role in  helping to support this important program by establishing a Seminary Burse. The Priest’s Retirement and Education Fund (PREF) has established various named Seminary Burse Funds to honor
or memorialize specific individuals.

The purpose of this Fund is to pay for the education of seminarians studying for the priesthood in the Diocese of Wichita and it will be established within the Endowment Program of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita.

A Seminary Burse is established with the execution of an agreement between the donor and PREF. In exchange for a suggested amount of $5,000, a Seminary Burse is established to honor or memorialize specific individual(s). At any time, Donors or others may add to this Fund. All contributions to this Fund is irrevocable.

Donors will be notified of additional donations by others and the use of funds annually. Additionally, a listing of the established Seminary Burses will be published in the Catholic Advance at least annually.

To learn more or to make a gift, contact Mike Wescott, Director of Development and Planned Giving, by phone at 316.269.3915 or by email.
Or click HERE to make an online gift.