Bishop Carl A. Kemme consecrated a new main altar and blessed new side altars Saturday, Aug. 20, at St. Rose Church in Mt. Vernon.
The event was the culmination of about six years of dreaming, planning, and work – and three pastors.
Karl Freund, a member of St. Rose, said he and Father Ivan Eck began thinking about the need to restore and renovate the front of the church interior in 2011.
“We talked about building a new altar of sacrifice to match the existing furniture,” Freund said, adding that he completed that project about a year ago.”
But issues arose about 10 months ago with the statue pedestals in the niches on both sides of the altar dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph. “They feared the statues would fall and break,” he said.
So, Father Spexarth and the parish commissioned Freund to build side altars to match the main altar and to repaint the reredos behind the altar.
Before the work was completed, however, Father Dan Duling was assigned as pastor. He and the other priests involved in the work over the years concelebrated the Mass at which Bishop Kemme blessed the work.
Freund said Father Duling, after studying the renovated sanctuary, thought that the ambo (elevated pulpit) didn’t exactly match the rest of the sanctuary.
“I told him that’s a project for next year,” Freund said with a laugh.
Freund is the owner of Freund Custom Furniture of Apache, Kansas.