Bishop Carl A. Kemme unveiled the Pastoral Plan of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita in August of 2017 | En Espanol


The Vision of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is that all of God's children will respond to Christ's call so as to become fully alive as missionary disciples.
Bishop's Reflection on the Vision | En Espanol


The Mission of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is to go forth faithfully to preach the Gospel to all of God's children and to evangelize today's culture.
Bishop's Reflection on the Mission | En Espanol


Formation in Evangelization in order to preach the gospel to all people

Go forth, to move beyond one’s comfort zone and to go out and preach the Gospel with courage, conviction and joy. The world deserves to know the joy of believing, living for and serving Jesus Christ.


Renewal of the Stewardship Way of Life

We are a diocese rich in blessings. For this, we thank God and the many that have come before us who have responded so well to the invitation to stewardship. We are beneficiaries of this spiritual and pastoral legacy. We must continue the important work of stewardship, but we must deepen our commitment and respond even more generously to the Lord’s invitation to become his disciples.


Renewal of Parish and Family Life by Reclaiming Sunday as the Lord's Day

Are we fully alive in Christ? Is Jesus the very center and source of the life we live, in our relationships with others, in family, in our professional lives, in our parishes, in this diocese and in the whole church? Take a break from the busy-ness of the world and find rest and renewal on Sundays.