Staff Nurse, Guadalupe Clinic, Inc.

      Staff Nurse, Guadalupe Clinic, Inc.

The Staff Nurse assists in managing the medical and nursing care given by Guadalupe Clinic staff and volunteers to our uninsured and disadvantaged patient population, and helps ensure quality patient care and consistent follow up. Number of hours worked per week is negotiable.  This position will report to the Director of Nursing.


  • Must hold a current license from the Kansas State Board of Nursing, with a minimum of two years’ experience.

  • Required to be Bi-lingual in English and Spanish.
  • Willing to work with people from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.


  • Provide care, oversite and follow up at any of the three Guadalupe Clinic locations as needed. 

  • Ensure maintenance of accurate medical records and the Electronic Medical Record, and that all patient documentation is up to date. 

  • Collaborate with the Director of Nursing to initiate process improvement efforts, evaluate care, promote a culture of safety and account for optimal patient flow.

  • Mentor relationships with staff members, demonstrating leadership skills through role modeling, problem solving and team work.

  • Provide and supervise patient education and follow up.

  • Potential for professional growth as the needs of the clinic change.

  • Opportunity for outreach to the most vulnerable population in our community.

  • Responsible for following the Personnel Guidelines of Guadalupe Clinic, Inc. and the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (2004).

  • Other duties as assigned.


Interested applicants may submit resumes with references to: Jane McGuire, Director of Nursing, at