About our logo

LogoThe logo of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita has its origins in 1960’s, at the time of the Second Vatican Council. Pope John XXIII spoke of the Council as opening a window to the world, letting fresh air in, and, at the same time, letting our light shine forth. This concept is conveyed through the window shape. The logo also has the death and resurrection theme built into it by the design of the cross. Finally, there is hope, as depicted by the color green of the background.

Guidelines for usage of our logo

A logo is essentially the heart of an organization’s identity. Its function is to create a consistent, memorable, recognizable impression. The four acceptable versions of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita’s logo are described below:

  • They can, and should, be used on all diocesan material, print or electronic, which represents the diocese, its offices and ministries.
  • No words, images or parts should be added or removed.
  • If questions arise regarding the appropriate use of the diocesan logo, the Office of Communications should be consulted.
  • The diocesan logo will be made available and should not be modified in terms of the design of the image and the font used for the text.
  • When using color, use PMS 315, which is a teal green color, or print the logo in black.

Additional Information

Contact the Office of Communications for more information.