Ministry rebuilding its presence in the diocese
At one point in their marriage Bryan and Hedy Mendenhall were about two weeks away from finalizing their divorce.
“We went to the local church, where the priest who married us served, and shared our story. We wanted guidance before finalizing our divorce,” Bryan said.
Their pastor told the Mendenhalls that he could not in good conscience agree with their plan and urged them to participate in a Retrouvaille Weekend.
Bryan said some couples say Retrouvaille fixed their marriages. But the program did more than that for the Mendenhalls.
“For us and for so many other couples we’ve met, it’s completely starting anew,” he said. “Tearing down to the foundation of where we started to build and building something new.”
Retrouvaille helped them rebuild their marriage, he said, and now he and Hedy are trying to get the word out to help other struggling couples.
“My wife and I loved each other,” he said, “we just didn’t think we could get back to a spot where we enjoyed each other’s company again.”
Couples in a troubled marriage should do everything possible to participate in a Retrouvaille weekend, Bryan said, adding that an international survey found that 76 percent of couples who complete the Retrouvaille program are still married five years later.
Bryan and Hedy are members of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, in Wichita.

Want to repair your marriage?
The next Retrouvaille weekend will be Nov. 30 at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita. To register visit
Information about the weekend and continuing support is available at the website.